Free Modern Resume Templates

Choose from modern resume templates to create your own resume in minutes.

A modern resume is a stylish document that allows you to present your experience to potential employers. It breaks the rules of traditional resumes, which is why it tends to stand out. Utilize the latest trends of graphic design to create something that's really going to grab the attention of businesses in your industry. And do it for free by using modern resume templates from Adobe Spark.

Creating a Modern Resume with Adobe Spark is Easy

You don't need word processing skills, coding knowledge of graphic design know-how to create modern resumes with Adobe Spark. The entire design interface is click-based. If you have a computer and an Internet connection, you can create your own modern resume with just a few clicks.

The easiest way to get started is to choose a modern resume template. This will have all of the main design elements you're going to need. Stick with them, and simply change the text. Or if you want to make a few cosmetic changes, you can do so by clicking the relevant necessary design icons.

If you can navigate a web page, you can create modern resumes with Adobe Spark.

Choose from Dozens of Modern Resume Examples

Don't worry if you're not sure about the concept of modern resumes. Adobe Spark is home to a huge selection of templates. Think of these as examples of what's possible. Use them as they are, or as the inspiration for your own, unique design.

Scroll through the options listed above. There are resume templates for just about every imaginable industry. Whether you're a medical doctor or a restaurant manager, there's a theme that's perfect for your needs. Just click on a preview, and take a closer look on the design page. If your chosen template isn't suitable after closer inspection, come back to this page and choose something else.

Make Your Modern Resume Unique with Customization Options

The idea of a modern resume is to stand out with something unique and stylish. Employers are bombarded with resumes every day, and they often sort through them based on first impressions. Make the best possible first impression by utilizing Adobe Spark's various customization options.

The potential designs possible on this powerful platform are almost endless. Click on an element, and make a change instantly. If you're not happy with the images used in the free modern resume templates, upload your own in seconds. If you have a color scheme in mind, implement it using the comprehensive color palette. Or if you want your text to look a particular way, make changes to its size, font, color, alignment, and opacity.

Why Choose Adobe Spark for Your Modern Resumes?

Adobe Spark is a simple yet powerful design interface that puts you in control of the creative process. This Cloud-based design software allows you to create visually stunning resumes on your own computer -- anywhere in the world.

Adobe Spark includes a range of free design tools. This means you can create a slick, professional resume without spending a penny -- important if you're not employed right now.

Using this tool simply couldn't be easier. Point and click, and your changes are applied instantly. And it doesn't matter how many mistakes you make, keep experimenting until you're happy with the results.

Boost your employment chances by utilizing free modern resume templates from Adobe Spark.