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Your resume is a crucial tool for creating a memorable first impression with a potential employer. Even if you only have one page to work with, there are many different elements you can use to your advantage to communicate everything you have to offer. A bio and work experience are the first things that come to mind, but the layout and design can also speak for you as to who you are and what you are trying to convey. Font choice is a subtle yet powerful choice that can help support your branding.

Choose the Best Font for Your Resume

While there are an infinite amount of fonts out there, you will likely want to choose one that is either a serif font or a sans serif font. Serif fonts (letters that have “tails” called serifs) are more traditional, and well-suited for a resumé that is trying to communicate a more professional approach. Consider typefaces such as Cambria, Garamond, or Book Antiqua, all refreshing styles as opposed to the once-standard Times New Roman. Sans serif fonts are more modern and because of the lack of “tails,” can offer more legibility. San serif fonts are recommended for any type of resumé as they become more widely used. Recommended fonts in this family would include Helvetica, Avenir, Open Sans, Roboto, or Calibri. As you build your resumé, think about choosing one font and playing with variations of it throughout. Use bold for your headers, standard for descriptions, or small caps for contact details. One font can offer many variations, and making the most of those styles can demonstrate a strong grasp on design elements to enhance your resumé. And remember, always choose 12pt size font!