Free Wedding Program Templates

Choose from touching wedding program templates to design your own wedding program in minutes.

A wedding program sets the scene for the big day -- and lets everybody know what to expect. While this document has a practical purpose, it still has to have personality and portray the love being celebrated. Rather than pay a graphic designer or printing firm to create yours, use a wedding program template from Adobe Spark to create something with special meaning.

Creating a Wedding Program with Adobe Spark is Easy and Fun

Designing your own wedding program should be fun, and it is with Adobe Spark. This is your chance to get creative, and you don't need to be an expert in graphic design or programming to make it just that. As long as you can use a computer, you can master the basic functions of Adobe Spark in a matter of minutes.

Start the design process simply by clicking on one of the free wedding program templates available. You can keep the design elements and simply replace the text. Or if you want to have some fun with the creative process, you can add, change or remove individual design elements with a single click. And make as many changes as you like -- you can always reverse them if they don't have the desired effect.

Choose from Dozens of Wedding Program Templates

Wedding programs are handed out to guests -- usually at the start of the ceremony -- to let everyone know the agenda of events. But this doesn't mean they can't be fun, unique, and eye-catching. Whether you're having a themed wedding or you simply want your programs to be different, choose a wedding ceremony program template that represents your big day.

There are dozens of options listed above. Click on the preview that best matches your own creative vision, and you can start editing it immediately. There are wedding programs for every type of wedding.

Whether it's a lavish affair or just the happy couple and two witnesses, there's probably a template that will encapsulate your big day perfectly. And if there isn't, modify the template with a few clicks of your mouse or trackpad.

Customize Your Wedding Templates with a Range of Simple Options

Although the Adobe Spark platform delivers stunning, professional results, it's exceptionally easy to use. That's because we've developed a range of customization options that can be selected with a simple click.

Experiment with different design combinations as much as you like. You'll see the results of each change instantly. And if you're not happy with your changes, you can put them right with just a few more clicks.

Don't like the background image in your wedding program template? No problem. Upload an image of your own in seconds. Not happy with the style of text? Change the size, color, font, or position of the text with a few clicks. Adobe Spark allows you to make changes to almost every aspect of your wedding program -- ensuring your creation is unique.

Why Design Your Wedding Program with Adobe Spark?

There are lots of reasons why Adobe Spark is perfect for creating wedding programs. For a start, you're given a template to work with -- the basis of your own design. And you don't have to spend hours reading instruction manuals to get started. Just a few minutes of experimentation is usually enough.

Adobe Spark delivers professional designs that graphic designers would be proud to call their own. This means you save on design and printing costs. And you always remain in control of the creative process.

And this versatile, easy-to-use design tool is Cloud-based. All you need to do to get started is register for an account. You can then access your wedding program designs wherever you are at the time.

Give your big day a special, heartfelt theme by creating your wedding programs with Adobe Spark.