Free Wanted Posters

Choose from beautiful wanted poster templates to design your own wanted posters in minutes.

Wanted posters are still an important tool in the fight against crime. But more and more people are using them as a way of poking fun at friends and relatives. This humor only hits the mark if the poster looks authentic and eye-catching, however. Thanks to Adobe Spark, you can now create a wanted poster that looks just like the real thing.

Making Wanted Posters with Adobe Spark is Easy

You might think that creating a great wanted poster requires complex software and in-depth knowledge of graphic design. But the entire process is quick, easy, and lots of fun with Adobe Spark. Start with a wanted poster template. This gives you everything you need. The design process is click-based, so you should be able to create something authentic with your own computer.

The best way to learn the basics of design with Adobe Spark is to play around with the features for a while. Click on the main design, and then click the design element you'd like to add or change. And it's as simple as that. You'll see the results of your changes instantly. If you're not happy with what you see, keep making changes until you are.

Choose from a Huge Selection of Wanted Poster Templates

A great wanted poster is authentic, but it also reflects a particular character trait or situation. That's why Adobe Spark has a wide selection of templates to choose from. Whether you're recreating the style from the Wild West or going for something more recent, there's a blank wanted poster on the platform that's perfect for your needs.

If you're stuck for wanted posted ideas, take a few minutes to explore the various templates listed on this page. When you see something that suits your needs, click on it. You can then make the necessary changes. Or if you're not happy with the template, return to this page and choose something else.

Make Your Wanted Poster Unique with Customization Options

A most wanted poster template from Adobe Spark is a great starting point for your own design. But to make it unique, you'll need to add a few design elements of your own. And that's very easy with this powerful platform. Start with a template, but change almost all of its elements with a click of your mouse.

The most obvious thing you'll want to change is the photo. Find a good photo of the person you're poking fun at, and download it in seconds. And that's not all. There are many customization options to choose from. Change anything from the background of your wanted poster to the text font.

Why Choose Adobe Spark for Your Wanted Posters?

The wanted poster templates available with Adobe Spark give you inspiration for your own design. More importantly, they contain all of the elements you'll need. And you don't have to spend time studying a manual to learn the design basics. Have some fun playing with the various options until you like what you see.

As you're having a bit of fun with your wanted posters, you probably don't want to spend a lot of money on them. Most of the functions available with Adobe Spark are free to use. So you can poke fun at your nearest and dearest without dipping into your bank balance.

Create your joke wanted posters with Adobe Spark, and create something authentic that everyone will find funny.