Free Planner Templates

Choose from beautiful planner templates to design your own planners in minutes.

A daily planner keeps you — and your colleagues or employees — organized. And make no mistake, this is the best way to maximize productivity in any walk of life. Whether you run a business or a busy family home, a daily planner maker could be a powerful tool to have in the future.

Why Creating Your Own Planner is Important

Lots of people use a planner to keep on top of essential tasks and appointments. But most people use one that was once designed by someone else. While it serves a purpose, it doesn’t meet the needs of the user as well as it might. If you can create a planner of your own, you can tailor it to your own work or home commitments. And this means managing your time becomes easier than ever. Not only that, an attractive planner that features images and quotes from your life is a great thing to display in your home or office.

A planner designer gives you the power to create something that’s unique to you. Take Adobe Spark, for example. This online design tool is free, but it’s capable of delivering results professional graphic designers would be proud to call their own. One of the reasons Adobe Spark is so easy to use is its huge selection of templates. These ready-made daily planner designs include everything you need. And if you prefer, you can simply change the text and print or download your design. But if you want to personalize your planner, the design interface is perfect. That’s because everything is click-based. There’s no need for graphic design skills at all. If you can use a computer and a mouse, you can use this powerful design platform.

How to Make a Planner That Works for You

Get the process off to an easy start by choosing a daily planner template that is close to your creative vision. Click it, and take a closer look on the design page. This is where the magic happens on the Adobe Spark platform. There are several customization options, so you’re assured of a completely unique daily planner if that’s what you need. If you want to add tasks or appointments, do so by adding a text box. You can change the font, color, alignment, and size of your text immediately or at any time during the design process. But that’s not all. Perhaps you want a fun image to serve as the background for your household daily planner? Or maybe you’d like a company logo for your work-based daily planner? Upload an image of your own in seconds — with a few clicks of your mouse.

Spend some time playing around with various design options. Once you have all the necessary information on your planner, you can work on a design that suits your personality. For you, this might mean adding a shape or a cool icon. Or it might be a case of switching the color scheme to something brighter and more vivid. Don’t worry about making the wrong design decisions. You can make countless changes to your daily planner. The results of the changes you make appear instantly in the preview panel. Don’t like what you see? Change things up!

The best “how to” guides for designing a daily planner are those that are fun and easy to follow. Fortunately for you, Adobe Spark ticks both boxes.