Free Lesson Plan Templates

Choose from lesson plan templates to design your own lesson plan in minutes.

A lesson plan helps a teacher to deliver structured learning sessions that cover a subject in its entirety. Without one, lessons can become chaotic and unfocused. This very important teaching tool should be simple, easy to follow, and annotated for scanning quickly during lessons. To help you create something that aids learning, use a ready-made lesson plan template from Adobe Spark.

Using Lesson Plan Templates from Adobe Spark is Easy

As a hard-working teacher, you probably don’t have a lot of spare time during the average working day. Creating lesson plans needs to be simple and quick — which is where Adobe Spark comes in. We’ve done a lot of the hard work for you. Our lesson plan templates are ready to go. Choose a design, and populate it with your own content.

Using the Adobe Spark platform couldn’t be easier. The entire platform is click-based. There’s absolutely no need for advanced graphic design skills or coding expertise. If you want to change, add or remove a design element, just click the relevant icon and select your preferred option.

A Huge Range of Free Lesson Plan Templates

We understand that every teacher has their own approach to teaching. This is why we’ve put together a huge range of lesson plan templates — all of which are ready to use. Whether you teach English, math or science, there’s a template on the Adobe Platform that makes lesson planning a breeze.

Choose a lesson plan template from the selection listed above. By clicking on a design that works for you, you’re getting a head-start on the design process. You’ll be taken to the design page, where you can take a closer look at the template. If you’re happy with it, go ahead and start making it your own. If it’s not right for your lessons, come back to this page and choose something else.

Customize Your Free Lesson Plan Templates in Several Ways

Lesson plans aren’t always just for teachers; they’re also for children and parents. Some schools use these planning documents to let students and parents know what’s coming in classes. This means it’s a good idea to make your lesson plans attractive, unique, and eye-catching. Thanks to the easy-to-use design interface from Adobe Spark, you can create something truly original by customizing your chosen template.

If you don’t like the imagery in the template, upload your own photos in seconds. If you don’t think the text delivers the message in an appropriate way, change it with a few clicks of a mouse or trackpad. You can customize almost every aspect of your lesson plans, including the background, text, images, illustrations, color schemes, and annotations.

Why Choose Adobe Spark to Create Your Lesson Plans

Adobe Spark allows you to start the design process with a simple lesson plan template. Without any knowledge of graphic design, you can modify the template into something unique — and something that will resonate with your students.

Resources in schools are tighter than ever these days. By using Adobe Spark to craft eye-catching lesson plans, you can save any money you have available for other school-related projects. All of the basic functions and features of this powerful design platform are free.

And Adobe Spark is Cloud-based. Sign into your account anywhere, and modify your saved lesson plans on almost any Internet-enabled device.

Create your lesson plans with Adobe Spark, and add a touch of style to your teaching.