Free Wedding Invitations

Choose from beautiful wedding invitation templates to design your own wedding invitation in minutes.

Adobe Spark is a powerful, online design platform that puts you in control of the creative process. But while it’s capable of delivering professional results, it’s also exceptionally easy to use.

Using Adobe Spark’s Wedding Free Wedding Invitations is Easy

Designing your own wedding invitations should be lots of fun. And thanks to Adobe Spark’s simple design interface, that’s exactly what it is. You don’t need any knowledge of graphic design or coding. Everything works with the click of a mouse. Start with your chosen template, and change the various elements to suit your needs. One exciting aspect of Adobe Spark is the ability to experiment with design options. Think of your wedding invitation template as the starting point of the process. You might want to retain certain aspects of it. But if you want to make changes, you can do so with a single click. You’ll see the results of your changes immediately. If you don’t like the look of your wedding invitation, reverse your changes or try something completely different.

A Huge Choice of Wedding Invitation Templates to Choose From

If you don’t know what kind of wedding invitation you want, don’t worry — there’s a huge selection above to choose from. Spend a few moments scrolling through the options in search of a little inspiration. Once you’ve found something that’s close to your own creative vision, click it to view it more closely on the design page.

Think of these templates as a kick-start to the design process. Each of them comes complete with a range of images, fonts, color schemes, and backgrounds. If you don’t like an element, swap it out with something else. Or simply change the text to suit your wedding and run with what’s already there.

Customize Your Wedding Invitation Cards with Ease

A wedding invitation marks the very beginning of a romantic union. It’s always a good idea to make it original and unique to the happy couple. You can create something distinctive by taking advantage of all the various customization options available to you within Adobe Spark’s design interface. The possible customization combinations are endless.

Starting with your wedding invitation template, play around with different features. For example, if you have a specific color scheme for the big day, use it on your invitation. Add a photo of the happy couple to personalize it. Choose a font that reflects the occasion. You can change everything from the border to the background — all with a click of a mouse.

Why Choose Adobe Spark to Make Your Wedding Invitations?

The great thing about Adobe Spark is that it allows you to master the basics of design in just a few minutes. And you never have to leave your own home or office. All you need to make stunning wedding invitations is your computer, an Internet connection, and your own imagination.

Weddings are notoriously expensive, and anything that allows you to save money should be embraced. With Adobe Spark, you can create slick, professional wedding invitations for free. There are no expensive design or printing costs involved. Just register for an account, and start creating your invitations straight away.

Wedding invitations set the tone for the big day. They should be distinctive, original, and visually stunning. And thanks to Adobe Spark, they can be.

Send Wedding Invitations via Email

Digital Wedding Invitations, although very non-traditional, are great for many reasons: they’re low budget, low stress, and environmentally friendly. If it suits your wedding to override the tradition of mailing invites, then rest assured that there are countless customizable digital design options for you to send your guests something exciting to prepare them for your big day.

Other than method of sending, the details of digital invitations follow the standards for printed ones. Send your invites four to eight months in advance so guests can make proper arrangements. Layout your invitation using traditional verbiage, including a request for an RSVP. RSVPs can be much simpler for guests when it just takes a quick reply to confirm! Make sure you include all the necessary details and link to your wedding website if you have one.

Although there are so many designs online to choose from, try to keep your wedding suite consistent. Have your Save the Dates match the invites, which should also match any update emails or invites to additional wedding-related events. Don’t hesitate to reach out to your guests if you don’t hear back from them in case your emails end up in their junk folder!

Mail Your Wedding Invitations

When planning out a timeline for your wedding, think about sending out your invitations with enough time for your guests to make proper arrangements. Save the Dates are traditionally the first step in the invitation process, and are sent out anywhere from four to eight months before the wedding. If you are having a destination or international wedding, consider sending your save the dates sooner rather than later, while smaller or more local weddings don’t require as much notice.
Generally, formal wedding invitations can be mailed out six to eight weeks before your wedding. This allows guests ample time to make travel and accommodation reservations if necessary. For any invitations being mailed internationally, keep in mind it could take several weeks to reach the recipient, so prioritize these invitations with enough time for your guests to respond.
RSVPs should be requested from your guests about three weeks before the wedding, which allows enough time to give a final headcount to vendors and caterers. If you don’t receive a formal reply in the mail, don’t hesitate to give your guests a quick call to confirm their RSVP.