Online Gift Certificates

Choose from beautiful gift certificate templates to create your own gift certificate in minutes.

Adobe Spark is a powerful, online design platform that puts you in control of the creative process. But while it’s capable of delivering professional results, it’s also exceptionally easy to use.

How to Create a Custom Gift Certificate

Whether you’re creating a custom gift certificate for your company or giving it as a thoughtful gift to a friend or loved one, here are all the details we recommend you include. The most important aspect of designing a gift certificate is details. You should be specific about exactly what this certificate entails, for whom it is for, and for how long it is valid. Include a title that summarizes the gift, followed by a clear and concise description. If there’s an expiration date, be sure to note that, along with any special terms and conditions. If you are producing multiple gift cards, consider numbering or naming the certificates to keep your gifts organized. And lastly, make sure to provide your contact information for the recipient to redeem their gift! Once the details are in order, get creative with your design. Insert logos or branding elements relevant to the content of the certificate. Decorative features such as borders or flourishes are characteristic of certificates, or just keep it simple by adding some color. If you’re printing your certificate, be sure to take extra care in the process by printing on impressive paper to give your certificate an elevated presentation.

What Size to Make Your Gift Certificate

When it comes to printing your gift certificate, there is no standard size for printing. Rather you should think about how your certificate will be presented! For printed gift certificates, there are countless options. A great place to start might be aligning your certificate size with an envelope size, so it’s easy to mail or present as a gift. Narrow, rectangular gift certificates can vary anywhere between 3” x 7” and 4” x 9”. Card-like certificates can be printed on sizes including 4” x 6” or 5” x 7” to fit in standard announcement-sized envelopes. Ultimate, it’s up to you and how you’d like to deliver the gift! Digital certificates are a bit different in terms of measurement. Of course, you can design your certificate in any way, shape, or form you like, but you’ll want to make sure the file size is appropriate for emailing. Whether you send the certificate as an attachment or embed it, files that are under 110 KB will have a better chance of making it into your recipient's email. Digital files can be as tall as you’d like, but try to make them no wider than 600 pixels with a 72 ppi resolution. Before sending out your certificate, email a test to yourself and view it on a phone, tablet, and desktop computer to make sure the presentation is to your liking.