Free Desktop Wallpaper Templates

Choose from beautiful wallpaper templates to design your own desktop wallpaper in minutes.

Cool desktop backgrounds are lots of fun. It’s only right that the process of making them is also lots of fun. Using Adobe Spark couldn’t be easier. Choose a wallpaper template, and use it as the basis for your own creation. Adding different design elements involves the click of a mouse — and absolutely no coding or design skills.

Creating Desktop Wallpapers is Super Simple

Start by uploading your own image. Or if you don’t have one, check out the free images available within the Adobe Spark platform. Add text, color schemes, shapes, and icons to give your wallpaper a unique look. Feel free to experiment with different combinations. You don’t have to finish until you’re absolutely satisfied with your computer wallpaper.

An Almost Endless Choice of Desktop Backgrounds

There are countless amazing desktop backgrounds waiting to leap from your screen listed above. Click on a preview that looks appealing, and make the necessary changes to it on the design platform. If you're not happy with your background, return to this page and choose another template.

If you’re looking for inspiration, scroll through the list of templates above. Or browse the thousands of themes and images that are available within the Adobe Spark interface. You may not know what you’re looking for, but the process of searching is always lots of fun. This is your chance to be creative, so just go with it!

Customize Your Desktop Wallpapers to Make Them Unique

Starting your desktop background with a great image of your own is easy. But how do you make your wallpaper unique? Adobe Spark includes a huge selection of design options that can be added in a second. Feel free to experiment with all the different features. You’ll see the results of your changes in the preview panel immediately. You can make as many changes to the design of your wallpaper as you wish. If you’re not happy with the image, change it in seconds. If you want to add stylized text, you can do so with a couple of clicks. Change everything from the layout to the size of your creation. Or if you want to brand your wallpaper with company visuals, you can do it in just one click with a subscription.

Why Create Cool Desktop Backgrounds with Adobe Spark?

Don’t pay for wallpapers when you can make your own for free. Adobe Spark allows you to use a huge selection of design features without a subscription. There is a selection of free desktop backgrounds ready to go. Or if you want to create something unique, you can do so in a few minutes — without any formal skills or design experience.

Most of all, the creative process delivered by Adobe Spark is a huge amount of fun. Feel free to let your imagination roam free. It doesn’t matter if you make a few mistakes along the way, as you’re able to make as many changes as you need.

Create visually stunning and completely original computer wallpapers that are personal to you. With Adobe Spark, the only limit to what’s possible is your own imagination.