Adobe Spark Stylemaker Collection

The Spark Stylemaker collection will add that extra special something to everything you create from invites and posters to social posts. This collection of premium ingredients features a uniquely curated custom designed set of starting points that will set you up for success!

This collection is a part of the Spark Style Maker series, where Spark users get exclusive access to unique design ingredients and assets from emerging creatives and tastemakers. Remix their work into your own creation with Adobe Spark, the easiest way to create standout graphics, webpages, and videos!

Premium Style from Instagram's Top Creators

We tapped some of our favorite Instagrammers including:, @cmbringle, @monicaahanonu, @cottonwood312, @everyday.hooray, @just.drawing.words, @mattattack426, @youngmer, @el_juantastico, @goldraffiti, @timothygoodman, and @subliming.jpg to create premium templates and design ingredients. Remix their aesthetic to catch on-trend vibes.