Free Facebook Cover Templates

Choose from beautiful Facebook cover templates to design your own Facebook cover photo in minutes.

Facebook cover photos tell visitors exactly what a business page or personal account is all about. Whether you use the social media platform for fun or as a marketing tool, an impactful image can draw people in. But it's important to create something that reflects your values. A clear, high-definition, descriptive image can tell people everything they need to know about you or your products. And thanks to Adobe Spark, you can create your own Facebook cover photo in a matter of minutes.

Using a Facebook Cover Photo Template Couldn't Be Simpler

No Facebook home page is complete without an eye-catching cover photo. Most people upload an image from their computer or mobile device. But such images often look distorted and blurry when they're in place. Some people search the Internet for ready-made images, but these images are often licensed or wholly inappropriate. With Adobe Spark, however, you can create a stunning Facebook cover photo in minutes. You won't need any technical skills or programming knowledge to get started. If you have a computer and a mouse, you can master the basic design processes in a matter of minutes. Most design options can be selected with the click of a mouse. And if you want to make the process even easier, you can start with a ready-made Facebook cover photo template. The template features the exact dimensions you'll need for your Facebook page. You can even start with design. There are several variations to choose from. Select the one that best matches your requirements, and make it your own using the various customization options.

Choose from a Large Selection of Facebook Cover Templates

There's a Facebook cover template for every type of page on the Adobe Spark interface. You'll see an extensive list of options listed above. Choose one that loosely matches your creative vision, and you can make it your own within the design interface.

Every Facebook banner template comes with its own starting design. It has its own background, images, text, and layout. You're free to stick with any of these elements, or you can create something truly unique by editing, adding, or removing any of the design features.

Customize Your Facebook Header Template with Adobe Spark

While using a template is a great way to speed up the design process, you'll probably want to create something that's unique to your brand. Adobe Spark is packed with customization features, allowing you to create a bespoke design that will make your Facebook page stand out from the competition.

Add, remove, or edit text as many times as you wish. You can change the font, color, spacing, opacity, and alignment of all your text. Adobe Spark also gives you a huge selection of icons and shapes, all of which can be further customized. And if you want to add your own photo or logo, the upload process takes just a few seconds.

Why Choose Adobe Spark for Your Facebook Cover Photos?

Big brands pay design companies a lot of money for professional, bespoke Facebook cover banners. But if you use Adobe Spark instead, you can create something eye-catching and effective for free. And because the interface is so easy to use, you can remain in full control of your design. The customization combinations are endless, so you can be sure that your Facebook headers are completely unique to you or your business.

Create and download your own Facebook cover photo in just a few minutes. Adobe Spark makes the design process easy, quick and lots of fun.