West Essex opinions on masks in school WEST ESSEX opinions on masks in school Since the summer, Board of Education meetings gave parents many opportunities to share their opinions on mask-wearing during the 2021-2022 school year. Now, it’s time to ask the students what they think. "They’re extremely annoying but Covid is still a thing so we need to wear them. Some people refuse to get vaccinated so we need to stay safe." - Freshman Mia Paxson "I feel super restricted when wearing a mask and I feel very uncomfortable because it’s kind of hard to breathe. And, we can’t get as many mask breaks as we would like." - Sophomore Mia D’Amore “Masks take away from students education due to teachers having to monitor who’s wearing their masks and who is not wearing their masks in the middle of a lesson.” - Junior Ella Doud “I think masks are an easy solution to a fixable problem. They’re safe and effective and can keep you protected from the Coronavirus. It’s also showing respect to others by keeping them safe. By wearing one, you are protecting yourself from catching and giving covid to others.” - Freshman Ryan Bissacio "If it lessens the chance of getting sick even a bit it’s worth it. Even if you personally don’t get really sick, high-risk people’s lives would be at risk. Yeah, it’s a little annoying to do but dying is a lot more annoying." 	⁃ Sophomore Natalynn Marriotti “Wearing masks in school is useless because during lunch we are all crammed next to each other and allowed to have our masks off. But when we are sitting in classrooms distanced we have to keep our masks on.” - Senior Trinity Pagano “I think masks are a good requirement if you are not vaccinated. I feel that if you are vaccinated you should not have to wear these stupid pieces of cotton." - Sophomore Devin Fogg
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