SALVES SALVES<P>TINCTURES<P>SOFTGELS<P>750mg Softgels with Curcumin<P>Amy Southern O'Bannon<BR>817-821-3145<BR>
<P>The AT EASE CBD tinctures incorporate a proprietary extraction and delivery process that produces superior benefits.<BR><BR>We offer four tincture flavors in strengths ranging from 250mg-1500mg


The AT EASE Pharmaceutical Grade CBD tinctures are fast acting for immediate results.  They are available in four flavors and four strengths.  The most popular is the Tranquil Mint , followed by the Orange Bliss.<P>Our AT EASE softgels utilize a proprietary water soluble nano-emulsion technology, resulting in the highest bioavailability of any CBD softgels or edibles available.<BR><BR>We offer three softgel formulas:

-PREMIUM FORMULA(300mg and 750mg)

-SLEEP FORMULA with 1mg Melatonin (750mg)

-PAIN RELIEF FORMULA with 10mg Curcumin (750mg)

AT EASE offers the best value for the money.  The bioavailability of the softgels is not only superior to all other softgels and edibles, but they are also better than all tinctures on the market, including our own.
<P>Our AT EASE salve is formulated and developed using a proprietary process that produces the smallest molecule size CBD particles available, ensuring the highest absorption rate of any topical CBD product.<BR><BR>We have two Salve sizes:

- 1 ounce (500mg)
-2 ounce (1000mg)

Our Premium CBD salves provide quick relief of muscle soreness, joint discomfort, and much more.  They contain all organic ingredients, including eucalyptus and lavender.
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