JASA Reaches 60% Capacity! JASA Reaches 60% Capacity! Rising Stars Summer Camp! CYBERSCHOOL INSIDER PACING GUIDES: Check with your teacher at the beginning of each unit for your Pacing Guide! Pacing Guides help you organize your learning! Weekly Update Apply for JASA! Open Enrollment: All applications have been processed. You should have received an email confirmation by Friday, 4/2/21. If you applied for JASA and did not receive your confirmation, please email cyber@Jmcss.org. Apply today! TN-READY & EOC Students must report to their zoned school for state testing. Cyber Senior Recognition Breakfast Date: April 16 Time: 9:00 Location: First United Methodist Church Check your email for your invitation! April 11, 2021 TN State Testing Begins April 12th. Students are required to report to their Enrolled School in person to take state tests. Please check your enrolled school’s web site for details. 2021-2022 Registration Opens Today, 4/5/21. Visit https://www.jmcss.org/domain/1058 Strongly encouraged for students who plan to return to In Person learning! Contact your enrolled school today! VOL 1 Issue 30
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