A&A Kabob Grill A&A Kabob Grill Best Kabob In the Valley Family Platter:$39.99 Party of 4-6! 6 Kabobs, 2 chick. 2 Lamb. 2 Beef, 5 pc falafel, salad on the side, lastly with rice and bread. Mon–Sat: 11AM–8PM Sun: 11AM–5PM PLATTERS #11: Chick& Koobideh$11.49 #12: Lamb & Koobideh$11.99 #13 Lamb& Chick. $11.49 #14 Lamb Platter $11.99....Small $9.50 #16 Chicken Platter $10.99 Small: 8.99 Falafel Platter:$9.99 ph: (540)568-1894 Platters, Include: Rice salad, few pieces of bread,& tzatziki WRAPS: Wrap, tzatziki on the side Lamb Kabob Wrap $6.99 Chicken Wrap $6.49 Gyro/ Fries $8.99 Gyro: $6.99 Chicken Shawarma: $6.99
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