<BR> Battle in the Bluffs  Wrestling Tournament  <BR> Battle in the Bluffs  Wrestling Tournament <P>National Folkstyle rules <BR>2019 Grade division and weights <BR>2019 Girls Division to be combined by weights 

<P>Tour of Nebraska Series <P>*Deadline* Midnight mst Friday January 11th, 2019<BR>No double bracketing <BR>Contact Melissa 308-641-8666 0r Celeste' 308-225-0747<P>Pre k - K<BR>1st - 2nd<BR>3rd - 4th
5th - 6th
7th - 8th
Trophies for Champions 
Medals for 2nd,3rd and 4th
Wrestle backs for True 2nd 

<P>Concessions served all day<P>January 13th<BR>Scottsbluff Highschool<BR>Wrestling starts at 9:00am
Doors open at 8:00am
$20 per wrestler 
Register and pay trackwrestling.com
Admissions 5.00 adults and 3.00 for students 
Coaches are free with USA coaches card and ID
<P>hosted by Scottsbluff Wrestling<P>wrestlers must be with in 3lbs of registered weight if challenged
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