4DX: The 5 Stages of Change 4DX: The 5 Stages of Change<P>#2: Launch<P>The 4DX process has become habitual and has created a culture of excellent execution.<P>#5: Habits<P>Team members focus on the process first and then the results. Resistance will begin to fade and enthusiasm will increase.<P>The 4DX mindset has taken over and team members understand what “playing to win” feels like. Engagement has increased as well.<P>#3: Adoption<P>The team must commit to a new level of performance and begin by setting the WIG, LAG and LEAD measures, a compelling scoreboard and weekly WIG sessions.<P>Focus and energy are a must in this stage, especially from the leader. Trust the 4DX process and make sure to identify your models, potentials and resisters.<P>#4: Optimization<P>#1: Getting Clear
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Brent Mischnick
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