Ethics, Evidence & Scientific Reform Ethics, Evidence & Scientific Reform<P>Speakers<P>Inappropriate statistical practices, poor research design, and other questionable research practices has led to the ‘replication crisis’ in many scientific disciplines. The challenge we face is how to effect change – how to sustain the credibility revolution. <BR>The panellists will first explore the real consequences and damage caused by the replication crisis. Visiting scholars Anne Scheel (Eindhoven University of Technology) and Michèle Nuitjen (Tilburg University) will then open the discussion, which will centre on the role of ethics in reforming scientific practice – from how we train scientists to how we regulate their work.<P>Fri, 5 April, 1-3pm <BR>Forum theatre, Arts West<P>Join an interdisciplinary panel of local and international speakers to discuss the role of ethics in reforming scientific practice.<P>Interdisciplinary MetaResearch Group<P>Dr Glenn Begley (CEO Biocurate)<P>Professor Brian Nosek (Center for Open Science, USA)<P>Prof David Vaux AO (Science, Integrity & Ethics, WEHI)<P>Assoc Prof  Kirsten Parris (Faculty of Science, University of Melbourne)<P>Chair: Assoc Prof Fiona Fidler (Faculty of Arts/Science, University of Melbourne)
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