Public Interaction At Its Best Even the most expensive 311 systems don’t allow for the fact that often the Public neither knows (nor cares) who provides a specific Service. When they ask for Service they expect your Agency to be able to deal with it, and are invariably disappointed when they are told to call a different Agency or 3rd party Provider. With PSR you can provide “one-stop-shopping” with seamless delivery of the Request to the right person in the right Agency. Counties, Utilities, Arborists, Waste Managers can quickly be included in the “Service Network”. AUTOMATICALLY. 
Unlike ad hoc web forms that cover a few basic Service types, PSR provides a consistent interaction process with the Public, and between your internal staff to ensure fast location-based resolution of Service Requests, Complaints, Information Requests and Suggestions ON ANY TOPIC/SERVICE that your Agency handles, not just traditional Public Works issues.  
Use PSR to securely enhance every page in your website, without any changes to page content or design. We use your branding and logos to create an attractive and easily recognizable button that makes it easy for the Public to interact with your Agency without getting frustrated and without losing confidence in your Staff. PSR uses your branding for your own mobile Apps.  
1. Lack of trust between the Public and Public agencies 2. Inconsistent Departmental responses to Public Requests
3. Barriers to interdepartmental communications
4. Inconsistent Public data privacy controls
5. Falling behind the Public’s technology expectations 
Enhanced cooperation within your “Service Network” 
Build on what You already have - make your IT team happy 
What Public Sector problems do we work to eradicate? 
Public Interaction At Its Best 
More than just Customer Service 
CAN 289.697.4900 
US 608.354.8972
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Public Service Request LLC
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