HART-RANSOM CHARTER <BR>INFO MEETING HART-RANSOM CHARTER <BR>INFO MEETING<P>A Personalized <BR>Approach to <BR>Learning<P>TK-12th Grade <BR>Homeschool & Online <BR>Public Charter School
[Western Assoc. of Schools & Colleges Accredited]<P>Tue., Mar 5 @ 6pm <BR>Thu., Mar 7 @ 11am<BR>Tue., Apr. 16 @ 1pm or 6pm
Wed.,May 29 @ 9am or 6pm<P>PLEASE JOIN US<P>SIGN-UP TODAY!<BR>www.Hart-RansomCharter.com<P>Select Any One Hour Session<P>3920 Shoemake Ave., <BR>Modesto, CA 95358<BR>209-523-0401
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