<BR>Open 4D-$35 Entry Fee<BR>0.5 Sec Split w/ an 80% Pay Out <BR>Open 4D-$35 Entry Fee<BR>0.5 Sec Split w/ an 80% Pay Out<P>Slack Starts @ 3p.m. (limit 40)<BR>Barrel Race Starts @7:30p.m.<P>Tuesday  Night  Jackpot   Barrel Race<BR>December 10th<P>*We will not accept entries for multiple horses if we can not space you at least 10 horses apart*<P>Pre Enter on Monday Night from 8p.m. to 9p.m.<P>Office Charge- $5 Per Rider<P>Text for Pre-Entries: (254)967-3418<P>*Cash Only & Negative Coggins Required*<P>$5-Exhibitions <BR>Prior to slack 2:00p.m.- 2:45p.m. <BR>(Those entered in the Jackpot get first dibs)
After Slack Exhibitions from 4p.m.-7p.m.
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