Education Education Community Practice Employment History Contact Details Carole Dolan-Weed Profile References Provided Upon Request -BA, Visual Arts Sherkin Island, Technical University Dublin -MA, Philosophy University College Cork -BA, Philosophy California State University - Multiple Subject and Single Subject (English Literature and Composition) California Mobile: (087) 356-4907 Email: Website: Clonakilty, Co Cork, Ireland A BA from Technical University of Dublin’s BAVA programme on Sherkin Island, combined with an MA in Philosophy from UCC and a career in Education ground the aesthetic practice. - Clonakilty Community Art Centre, Member and Director of Fundraising - Clonakilty Pride Fest, Artistic Designer -Clonakilty Hotel Summer Camps, Artistic Designer -Clonakilty Market, Wearable Art -Clonakilty Photography and Film Club, Member -USOCA , Literacy Campaign Worker -Muscoy Community Centre, Creator and Tutor Literacy Programme An emerging socially engaged artist, inquiring into political and philosophical issues of the ‘other’ using aesthetic forms of digital imagery, audio and collaborative performance. Underpinning the practice are explorations into theoretical interests of identity, opacity, and epistemology and their effects on the rights and liberties of individuals and communities. -Principal, Teacher, Curriculum Design Highland Classical Academy -Teacher, Curriculum Design Palm Springs Unified Alternative Education -Teacher, Los Angeles Unified, South Central
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