THE WORLD I’M IN THE WORLD I’M IN I’m in a world full of dualities and contradictions A world where you can wake up in a house full of daisies And the next day they are all dead A world where you catch more bees with honey but the honey is poison I often get lost in the world I am in I get tricked often I believe I feel or see something but it is not as it seems She is nice at the best times but when the worst comes it fades That’s the worst trick of them all A feeling of warmness turned cold I myself feel so hard that when this happens I get drunk I get numb I turn and climb out of myself. I elevate. I am soft yet I am strong I cry yet I am happy I hurt yet I forgive so quickly the ones who hurt me Why? I am groomed But yet sometimes I can see myself becoming attached to one side of things I get attached to that warmness so when it turns cold I have withdrawals As much as I hate the world I’m in, I’m an addict I’m addicted to the feeling of the shift The world I’m in is a world full of dualities and contradictions
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