Black and White Elegant Restaurant Menu Menu Mains DRINKS SIDES JADA’S CAFE CALL 555-1763-2689 TO ORDER AVOCADO TOAST - 10 - BREAKFAST SANDWICH - 10 - CHICKEN & WAFFLES - 12 - HOUSE GRANOLA - 8 - Orange, grapefruit, apple FRESH JUICE - 4 - TWO EGGS - 2 - BACON - 2 - MUFFIN - 4 - COFFEE - 3 - Whole milk Greek yogurt with seasonal fruit and our house-made honey granola Two hearty pieces of boneless fried chicken with whole wheat waffles and a side of pure maple syrup Made to order Two scrambled eggs, thick-cut bacon, and pepper jelly sandwiched between a house-made biscuit Two slices of toasted sourdough bread with avocado smash, topped with sliced radish (add egg for + $2)
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