2nd trimester project 2nd trimester project<P>Once the poster and the characters were complete, the last thing we worked on was creating the numbers for the countdown. Eliott made numbers to countdown from 39 days to 0. We laser cut and spray painted them gold, then used a strong tape to hang them up.  We try to switch them out each day in anticipation of the musical!<P>Felix used Adobe Draw to draw the characters from the Wizard of Oz.  So far we have Dorothy, the Wicked Witch, and the Scarecrow.  <BR>After drawing, Felix  airdropped them to the computer and used Adobe Illustrator to prepare the files to laser cut.  Felix will work on the rest of the characters who will be added as they are completed to the poster. <P>After laser cutting, the next step was to color the characters. Using paint markers, several students helped color the characters.  We took pictures of the cast members using the iPad, and Luca cut them out in Photoshop, resized them to fit the character, then printed them.  Isabela glued them and put them up on the poster.<P>Creating the Musical Countdown Display<P>by: Ava M<P>DRAWING THE BACKGROUND<P>MAKING THE CHARACTERS<P>FINISHING THE CHARACTERS<P>HANGING THE POSTER<P>I drew the background at home using a free program on my PC.  I shared the file using Google Drive so I could bring it into Photoshop and resize it for printing.
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Sherri Kushner
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