Keona Henderson Keona Henderson<P>Keona Henderson is a Realtor, Entrepreneur, Author, motivational speaker and a boundless creative.   <BR>	Utilizing her experience in project development and public speaking, Keona founded Positive Women Meet Up, LLC (PWM), a power networking platform for women to connect, create and collaborate. Keona’s passion is anchored in pouring positivity into women and youth, helping them to amplify their passion. <BR>	Driven by her desire to inspire and create, Keona has successfully produced over 20 women empowerment and professional development events, secured several major brand sponsors, and reached the hearts of thousands as a speaker.<P>SOCIAL MEDIA <P>SERVICES OFFERED<P>About <P><P>Keona Henderson<P>Speaker | Realtor | Author | Strategist<P>Positive Women Meet Up, LLC<BR>@PositiveWomenMeetUp<BR><P>- Keynote<BR>-Workshops & Trainings<BR>-Strategy Sessions
-Consulting & Coaching
-Project Development 
-Product Placement  
-Events & Travel
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