St. Petersburg, Russia By Kevin wallace

St. Petersburg is a beautiful City in Russia in between Finland and Estonia, near the Baltic sea. A flight to St. Petersburg from Colombus costs about $886 for a two stop trip, first to Helsinki and then to St. Petersburg.

If you are planning a trip to St. Petersburg, I highly recommend going on a guided tour, because it can be a dangerous city and you would want a guide to stay out of the bad parts. Guided tours are also very organised and you get to travel with a group

The first step is finding a hotel. A good hotel would be the Alexander House hotel. They offer different style rooms based on different cities, like Stockholm Sweden or Kyoto Japan. Standard rooms cost around $100 us dollars.

Russian currency is measured in rubles. There are about 58 rubles in 1 dollar. Pyshechanya is a nice cafe in St. Petersburg. You can get coffee and milk for 25 rubles (50 cents). A good high class expensive restaurant in St. Petersburg would be Palkin. A cup of hot chocolate costs about 640 rubles ($11)

Some great places to visit in St. Petersburg are like the Church of the Savior of the spilled blood, The Winter Palace, The Saint Isaac's cathedral, The Peter and Paul Fortress and the Hermitage Museum.

Another thing you must know about traveling to Russia, or any other country in Europe, is the charger adapters are different than the ones in america.

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