Men's Shed Vernon Newsletter #30. May, 2021

On the Cover: Gerry runs our new table saw dust hood through it's paces. Projects and friendships continue safely at the Men's Shed shop. Software controls access, and confirms wellness for all the guys meeting in scheduled time slots throughout the week.

Our Mission: "We Build Meaning & Well Being into Men's Lives By Engaging Hands, Hearts & Minds."

Scroll through this list of new members: A big shout out to the guys who have recently joined up at The Shed: Gordon H, Lorne H, Leo C, Bruce A, Don F, Grant H, Len W, Lou M,. Were' glad your here!

OH...By The Way! Speaking of Membership. We're up to 57 Guys! Our 2021 goal is 70. Just 13 more new friends to meet!

Men's Sheds Worldwide Rely On Their Members! Here's Your reminder...

Join Now for 2021. Contact us at mensshedvernon@gmail.com.

Hands: We Got Some Stuff Done!

We are promoting a Safety Culture at Men's Shed Vernon.

You Are Invited to Build It

Our Newly formed Safety Committee is working on a Shed Hazard Assessment. Already, we have reduced trip hazards, changed the way we store lumber, and scheduled a first aid course.

10 Men's Shed Guys Have Signed up for our June date!

Be safe at The Shed. Be a champion for safety without being all about rules. Look after the guy next to you. Keep the shop clean.


We are finishing up our six custom tables for our future meeting space. Thanks to Community Foundation North Okanagan for the supporting funds for this project.

See what we've been up to:

We're making a mail station for Schubert Centre

Leo and Sam sourced and assembled a yard shed for Abbeyfield House. Thanks to Rona Vernon for supplying the shed!

Scott and the guys are building Saddle Stands and Storage Boxes for Vernon Museum.

Did you know that saddle stands can't have any glues in the wood, or it will harm the antique saddle?

Happy Non Profit Clients!

Custom Nature Figure Donation Centres for Allan Brooks Nature Centre

Dave A, Jim, Tom, Marty, Mel, and Phil all answered the call for an owl, a marmot, and a hawk. Dave's sister, Jane drew up the templates. Well done, team!

Awning Windows for a Valued Local Business Partner

One of the ways we keep membership fees so low, is to cheerfully volunteer some of our time for projects that help local not for profit organizations or other project requests that offset our operating expenses. THANKS Wayne & Hugh!

Ron L is our shop coordinator. He's been very busy at The Shed since ski season concluded. Ron built a bew flush mount chop saw station.

Ron also built this rolling sanding station which features our spindle sander and dedicated vac ports for dust control.

We built some more garden boxes, too!

Thanks to the folks in the community who ask us to build things for them. We appreciate your support. You're helping us serve not for profit projects.

Eagle Bay Camp Fiberglass Dock Repairs

John H and Ray V spent some time repairing the floating docks at Eagle Bay Camp. It's a great retreat. They have a rock climbing wall and a zip line!

Feeling Inspired?

We Get To Work On Personal Projects At Men's Shed, Too. Marten is making some hardwood stepping stools.

Daniel's Electric Guitar Project Is Really Taking Shape. Well Done!

Everything from guitars to just refurbishing a boat tiller, or making a penthouse bird feeder like Scott, are all good reasons to be at "The Shed"with the guys.

Or... you could take a wood turning class from Dave, and make your own cereal bowls...Jethro.

...and last, but NOT least:

Our hard riding leadership team of guys have been busy searching for a new shed location, pursuing charitable organization status, holding our AGM, keeping the books, hosting ZOOM meetings, and redesigning our communications strategy...Whew!!

Hearts: We Did Some Visiting

Giving Courage, Confidence, or Hope
Men's Shed Vernon just completed a 10 week "HOW YA DOIN'? phone buddy program. Twenty Two guys volunteered to call another several times during the winter just to stay in touch.

Thinking about others diminishes concerns about ourselves, and can help to brighten your outlook.

Speaking of encouraging, Father's Day is coming up on JUNE 20th. Call your son, or a dad who could use some encouragement. You'll both get a lift. That's my son Jordan reading, by the way. He's a good Dad. Just sayin'...

A BIG Shout Out!!

Wade & Julia Cantalope and their gracious family and staff embraced the idea of Men's Shed Vernon as soon as they heard about us in 2018. They have welcomed us onto their property, and accommodated us in every way possible. Elephant Storage has been instrumental in getting Men's Shed Vernon kick started. As we search for a new location, Men's Shed Vernon will NEVER FORGET what the Cantalope family and Elephant Storage have done for us.

KAL Rotary Club of Kalamalka Supports Men's Shed

We are so excited to announce that Kal Rotary has selected Men's Shed Vernon as on of it's community support recipients this year. The grant will assist us in developing a stronger way of communicating with everyone interested in Men's Shed Vernon during this critical time of growth as a new society. We will be working with a local consultant, and are looking forward to the experience and the benefits. THANK YOU!

Minds - Staying Involved

Healthy vs. Unhealthy Habits. Which of these habits could you change just a bit this summer?
Here"s What Could Happen If You Back Up & Read The Article. Move The Needle. Live Longer.

Just joining us at THE SHED ticks off a lot of boxes for reducing stress and improving well being. Keep coming guys!

Men's Shed Vernon is safely open Monday - Saturday 9AM - 4PM.



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Raymond Verlage


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