Hush, Hush Becca Fitzpatrick

Hush, hush takes you on an emotional rollercoaster, defying expectations and realty

Let me introduce you to the master mind behind the scenes. Becca Fitzpatrick wasn't always an author. She sought out writing as just another hobby. soon, the hush, hush series was born.

This is where it all began. Nora's diary entry after meeting Patch, and seeing how much her life changes in such a short time.

"He doesn't love me, he just wants to kill me." Nora feels betrayed by Patch

One moment, its love. The next, it's all a lie. Nora discoveries Patch's secret, and everything changes. The light pink poem is her thoughts before she knew. The black poem is her thoughts as everything comes crashing down.


Jules fools everyone, including Patch. He turns against Patch, and tries getting revenge on him by trying to kill Nora.

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