Mindful Pilgrimage Africa

What are our stories? The stories we tell, are the stories of our lives. They exist as a collection of experiences that we have over our lifetime. What does the next chapter of your story look like?
Let me tell you mine...

Now scroll down and begin this adventure

The journey begins with you...
We have all had moments of pure experience and real living. Moments that both define us and expand us. We all have the stories that define our lives and fill up the chapters of our lives. I'd like to share a bit of mine with you AND I would like to invite you to live your story along side of me.

Meet us in Johannesburg. We will gather here and get settled for our journey.

JNB Arrival on April 11, 2018

We leave Johannesburg in the morning and drive to Protea Ranch resort. They have an lion rescue habitat who's sounds will light your fire of curiosity and set the stage for our coming days.

3 Hour drive to Protea Hotel Ranch Resort
I've spent years traveling the globe. I love to travel lightly but with strong purpose, we will use the medium of travel to set the backdrop for some truly life changing experiences together. Ill share with you much of what I have learned in finding your life's purpose. On this Pilgrimage to Africa, we will work to understand your Dharma and connect meaning with purpose. We will accomplish all of this in a place where returning to the source happens every sunrise, and the world transforms with every sunset. What could be better than that? What better way to expand your story?

After a restful night and hearty breakfast we are off to Sha-Limpo. We will stop in the local town of Alldays to get a taste of how Africans really live.

2.5 Hour drive to Border and entrance to Sha-Limpo
After crossing the border into Botswana, we will change vehicles and make the overland journey to our home for the next 5 days.

After we will settle into our Safari home, and begin our real immersion. Over the next 4 days, we will spend our time amongst the wild beasts of Africa. We will live in the intersection of Botswana, Zimbabwe, and South Africa. We will talk, hike, charge, and recharge together.

A while back I began to consider the notion of what both success and retirement mean to me. I looked to define those words and ultimately achieve both on the terms I had set forth for my life. When I got to the end of that journey - I didn't feel the way I expected I would - in fact I didn't feel anything at all. Numb. That place of numbness, was transformed into space, an empty space. In that space, I was called to look at the deeper meaning of my life. I was first called to explore my own life's purpose - then called to help others find theirs. This is the study of “Dharma.” You may have heard of this word. Think of stroking a cat from head to tail. Their back arches, they fall into your touch and purr. Now think about running your hand the other way. The cats fur sticks up, it gets agitated and doesn’t feel right. Living in your Dharma is living your life in the flow, stroking the cat from head to tail. I began an education which ended in a certification to be able to identify someone's life's purpose and then guide them into alignment with it. Since then I've been working with people from all walks of life with incredibly moving results.
Simple accommodation with full bathroom

This will be "our ranch" for we are here. It sits up on a hill an offers incredible animal viewing right from your window.

Sundown at your African safari
Sit by the fire in the evening. Stand in Botswana, Zimbabwe, and South Africa all at once

We depart Sha-Limpo and head toward the world famous Kruger. These next 2 nights stay at the Baobab Hill house offer us a chance at a truly luxurious setting with wildlife interaction that can only be found in the Kruger

3.5 Hour drive to Baobab Hill

The heart of the animal world awaits you...

We spend the whole day in a leisurely drive south down the center of the Kruger. Lots more animal interaction to be found here.

Our Baobab Hill Guest a house has its own pool and catering
We will see some of the lesser traveled beauty of Africa
And of course it's more formidable residents...
5.5 Hour drive to Shingwedzi Rest Camp
Incredible Bird sightings...
Africa brings us back to the heart of ancestry and roots. To where time began. To watch the animal kingdom in its true, raw form is often a study on our own lives. One in which hangs in a delicate balance between our inner and outer lives. Not only will you experience this incredible journey into the natural world, but also into your inner world. I will be providing individualized Dharma sessions as we journey together, leaving you grounded, centered, inspired and with a true and deeper meaning of your place in the world.
Home of the "Tuskers" some of the oldest Elephants in the world...
And a lot of monkeying around...
5 Hour drive to Brent's Camp

Next, we head outside of the park to a private reserve called Timbvati and Brent's Camp. It is here for the next 2 nights we will call home. Brent is one of the worlds leading animal trackers and most of the super high end camps around rely on him for their latest animal updates.

Dusk in the wilds

While at Brent's Camp we will be on high alert observing the many migrating beasts of the wild. This is the place where seeing the "Big 5" in a single game drive is likely. Only a few of us will ever get access to these private areas.

Timbvati does not dissapoint!
Swimming with the hippos...
Relaxing by the delta....

We depart Brent's camp to head to the thru town of Nelspruit. We will stop for lunch here before completing the journey back to Johanessburg

Off to Nelspruit
2.5 Hour drive to Nelspruit
Nelspruit valley
3 Hour drive to Johanessburg

Here we say goodbye and head back to our homes. There is a late evening departure if you don't want to spend more time on the continent.

Mindfulness: while we walk these ancient lands together it is my intention to work with you to discover your life's purpose. Some of the practices we will enjoy include, eating foods in alignment with the natural setting, discovery of your Dharma type (personality archetype), discussion on how to use this information to better understand yourself and those in your life, aligning our Dharma with the times of the day, read and interpret your astrology, and generally traveling lightly and in brotherhood.

I truly hope your able to join us next April for this incredible journey.

Pilgrimage Dates: April 11-24, 2018

$800 non refundable deposit due no later than July 15th, 2017

$3100 final balance due no later than January 15th, 2018

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