Computer Graphics club @ san josé state university

An introspective look

With San José State University (SJSU) being the leading producer of workers in the Silicon Valley, our university's graduating classes are certainly exceptional:

The Charles W. Davidson College of Engineering was ranked third in the nation among public engineering programs offering bachelor's and master's degrees in 2015 by the U.S. News & World Report.

The SJSU computer engineering program was ranked first in the nation among public engineering programs offering bachelor's and master's degrees in 2015.

Our College of Humanities and the Arts, Department of Design is ranked in the top 25% of animation programs, according to Animation Career Review.

Overall, San José State University ranks in the top 50 of regional universities in the West United States, according to U.S. News & World Report.

San José State neighbors

Our university is right in the heart of Silicon Valley; being native to the Bay Area, we are local to a sizable number of top computer graphics companies.

From top left to bottom right: Adobe Systems (San Jose), Autodesk (San Rafael), Electronic Arts (Redwood City), Industrial Light & Magic (San Francisco), Intel (Santa Clara), NVIDIA (Santa Clara), Pixar Animation Studios (Emeryville), Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) (Sunnyvale)

A need for representation

For those of us who dream of working in the computer graphics industry (like at the companies mentioned above and more), networking and connecting in the industry is essential.

We are Silicon Valley's largest institution of higher learning. With no prominent student representation or organization towards computer graphics, our campus is disconnected from the visual and interactive world.

As a part of San José State University's core promise of "powering Silicon Valley", we must embrace the visual side of technology.

SJSU is a place of resilient and creative students—we work hard and smart. But we have an unmet need for realizing our passions towards computer graphics. Thus, we propose the Computer Graphics Club at SJSU.

The Fall semester of 2016 marks the beginning of the Computer Graphics Club at San José State University.

The Computer Graphics Club focuses on three goals:

1. Raise awareness & expand the presence of computer graphics technology (VR/AR, film CGI and animation, 3D modeling, real-time graphics & ray-tracing, GPU design, video & image processing, digital art, GUI design, computer vision) across the university campus.
2. Unite the art, design, engineering, and science departments as a coalition of computer graphics enthusiasts, and spark cross-campus collaboration.
3. Embrace our resourceful nature by connecting students to the companies, technology, software, and events of the computer graphics industry.

Your part in innovation

The Computer Graphics Club aims to be an asset to your academic life, not a burden. We want the club to bring a positive influence to its members, the SJSU campus, and the computer graphics industry.

The design of the Club is to be around your wants and needs, so we need your input!

Base ideas for the club

  • CG Industry guest talks
  • Software/tech workshops (augmented/virtual reality, computer vision, CUDA, Maya/MODO 101, VJing, ray-tracing/rendering, OpenGL/WebGL/DirectX)
  • Collaborative projects (film shorts, apps, digital installation art)
  • Movie nights!
  • Group trips to local CG events (Silicon Valley/San Francisco SIGGRAPH chapters, local CG/VR events)
  • Extended trips to large CG conferences (SIGGRAPH, GTC, SVVR Expo)
  • Oculus Rifts/HTC Vives/Google Cardboards for club use
  • CG software (Mudbox, Smoke, Flame, ZBrush, Vue, Avid, Toon Boom...) at educational discounts/free for club members

As of Fall 2016, the Computer Graphics Club is now a reality. But we need your input to make it great.

There are so many exciting possibilities in store for the club, but it can only happen with your support.

Make it your story.

The art challenges the technology, and the technology inspires the art.

—John Lasseter, CCO of Pixar Animation Studios

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