Umpires By Jeremy Polvadore

Nature of Work

Umpires watch over competitive sports and make sure all rules are followed and they decide penalties according to the rules.

Training, Qualifications and Advancement

Most umpires at least have a high school diploma and have a little on the job training and no experience is needed.


Umpires work irregular hours and can work on weekends and holidays and they are exposed to all types of weather conditions.

Job Outlook

Employment is expected to grow 5% from 2014 to 2024 which is the average for other occupations and job prospects are good at high school levels.

Projections Data

The employment changes from 2014-2024 is 1000 which is about 5%


The median annual wage is 24,870

Related Occupations

Related occupations are referees and other sports officials.


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