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crime scene

Anna Garcia, the victim in this case was 38 years of age when her corpse was found in her hallway in the city of east Los Angeles. Her weight was 165 pounds, she had a height of 64 inches, and her race was Hispanic. It all started when her neighbor Doug Greene noticed an unusual disappearance of hers while he noticed that she skipped a daily routine to walk her dog every morning. He had also just visited her at her house the night before. Doug was worried about her when he realized her unusual behavior lately and her dog barking for a surprising amount of time. He then tried to contact her but he didn't receive any replies. He reported what he became aware of to the police and they investigated the scene were her corpse was found.

Doug Greene and Alex Garcia's fingerprints

The fingerprints found at the crime scene belonged to Alex Garcia who was at the crime scene, Anna's house the night before her body was found. Alex was Annas former husband and they had just gotten divorced. There could've been a possible way that Alex murdered Anna because he didn't want to deal with the fact that he had to pay for her insurance since they divorced. Especially since his new wife was already pregnant. He wanted to go over to her house to discuss some paperwork for her health insurance so he went to her house to do so on the night of her death. There was no exact time to prove when he was there. There blood splatter found at the crime scene belonged to Anna. It was found by the top right side of her head and aside the table at the investigation. It fell straight down at a 90 degree angle. The table that it fell from was 74 cm tall. There's a possibility that she was feeling dizzy or maybe light headed and she fell as she was walking by the table.

Lucy Leffingwell and Anna Garcia's hair

The hair found at the crime scene belonged to Anna so that has no connection or proof that Lucy/Erica were at the crime scene around the time of Annas death. There was a footprint found on the floor next to her body which belonged to her as well. The vomit that was next to Anna could've been because she was feeling nausea and thats why she was taking aspirin pills. The blood spatter fell from a 90 degree angle which is straight down. No scratches, wounds, fractures or swollen body parts were found although there was a bruise discovered on her head and elbow. At the crime scene, there was aspirin and a syringe found. That could probably be a sign that she was sick or she was having difficulties with headaches or other dizziness or nausea. She was dead for four hours when she was found and she got checked at 11 am.

Syringe, aspirin pills, wine spill

In the case of Anna Garcia, the cause of her death is from natural causes. It could be from a heat stroke since it was extremely hot that day and she was wearing a sweater the whole day. There was enough evidence in the crime scene found to support this decision. Since that morning of her death she was acting really weird wearing a sweater on a super hot day. That also explains why there was the aspirin pills found, she was having trouble with her health or pain. Her ankle was also found swollen so her blood could've been really light.


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