designer Babies By: Andrew and Darien

1. What is a designer baby? A designer baby is when a baby is made but the parents want to make sure they have certain traits like if they wanted them to have blue eyes or black hair.

2. How are deigned babies created? One method of gene manipulation is in vitro fertilization in this process, eggs are removed from the woman's womb, fertilized in a laboratory and then transferred back into the woman's womb.

3. What are pros/cons of a designer baby? Positives of a designer baby are you can modify the gens to what you desire if you want them to be more of an athlete or you want their hair color to be anything or their eyes, it can also help prevent disease or disability. Negatives if this is not done correctly the embryo could be accidentally terminated, this technology is not 100% safe yet it is in the experimental stage.

Would your child change in the future?

How high is the risk?

What if the process fails?

If your child died in this process would you try again?

What would you do if your child developed disabilities or disease?

How sure are you this is going to work?

If my child were to die, would it be right to try with a new child?

If my child developed disabilities or disease, would it be right to get rid of the child?

If my child did not turn out the way I wanted the child to be, should I try again?

What would the public or school classmates to my child think of them if they knew they were genetically changed?

The process involves taking the egg out of the mother, doing the genetic changes, then putting the embryo back into the mother, this could possibly bring issues to the mother such as death if something were to go wrong. The baby could also develop exposure to disease while being unborn and the child could possibly develop disabilities either during the genetic process or later on in life.

Andrew: I do not agree with the designer baby process because it does not seem right because there is all types of risk that is involved in this so I personally would not do it.

Darian: I disagree with this process. Your child could gain similar abilities to you, but your child would still have to have the will to eat healthy, workout, practice, and play sports in order to be an athlete. And your child could want to change their hair color or might get a type of blindness then have to wear contacts and glasses. They could also have a difficult time being a respected athlete when people find out they were genetically changed to be that way and may be bullied in school and by others for the way they were born.


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