ISIS is planning for a mass Infiltration! What do we Do? How CAn we prepare for something like this?

Written by Ty Carpenter

These terrorists have continued to expand and pose a bigger threat to the world and especially the United States. After Trump’s election into office ISIS has begun to turn their attention towards us. They have recently stated that Americans are “drowning” and running out of money to keep this economy alive. They stated that they cannot wait to see our demise! Thousands of ISIS spies are estimated to be living in the US RIGHT NOW PEOPLE!!!! ISIS is attacking and WE NEED TO RUN! WE NEED TO PROTECT OURSELVES! OUR FAMILIES ARE IN DANGER!!! They already have successfully bombed France and Belgium. Now that we have launched an attack towards the terrorists in Syria, the US will soon enough be ISIS’s next target. Right now they are sitting in the shadows, and at any minute they will pounce on us!

It is no longer safe to be out and about in public. Areas with mass amounts of people like popular tourist areas, large shopping malls, stadiums, or airports should be completely avoided at all costs. ISIS is most likely to target areas like these and won’t hesitate to open fire. Be careful when travelling via car, plane, or even boat. Your car could be rigged with explosives and will trigger after ignition. When driving avoid large roads like highways and expressways and also avoid driving through large cities where there are many vehicles that could prove to be a target for ISIS as well. Planes and boats should be completely avoided if you are travelling with many people. If your plane or boat is hijacked by these terrorists be prepared to defend yourselves because they will try to kill you. Overall avoid the outdoors because it is suicidal to be out in a time of national EMERGENCY!

Grab all the food you can get that will be able to last you for a long period of time because your food is going to run scarce. Go to your local weapons dealership and get a license, your family and children are no longer safe at home. Any tool you can use to protect yourself from the ISIS savages should be of easy access in your home. Stay home please! It is for your own survival! Turn all of your lights off and close your blinds so that spies cannot watch your family. Have something to barricade your windows and doors in case of an attack. Trust nobody, your friends and possibly even your family members are likely to be terrorist spies who want to make an example out of you. If you can, move far away from areas where you have contact with people. Do not trust any delivery packages you receive in the mail and if you do receive a package, make sure to open it a safe distance from anyone because a package could be loaded with explosives. Be careful reading unknown emails and reading through an unverified website because your personal information can be stolen and your money, address, and whatever other information you have stored into your email with be confiscated. If ISIS gets a hold on your personal information then you are now a target and it is already too late.

If you think someone is a terrorist spy, what do you do? First you need to contact an authority ASAP!!! You need to do this so you can stop the attack before someone’s life is lost. If you find yourself in a situation where a terrorist is threatening to kill you go ahead and take him out, negotiating with terrorists helps in their benefit of overrunning the country and by killing him you are doing your country a great heroic service. For every terrorist dead, hundreds of lives are saved and the closer we are to putting down terrorism once and for all.

How can we stop such a treat to our country? We need to put all of our political, social, and economic issues aside and take a good look at the most threatening topic at hand. If we are overrun, the US military will not be able to protect us all. By launching missiles in Syria we are making progress in the fight against terrorism but terrorism will not cease to exist until every human being that has any tie with ISIS is dead. We can’t just throw one punch without expecting one to be thrown back, we need to finish this fight before it begins. The time is NOW America! We need to attack NOW! We must SURVIVE! It’s not fair that citizens like us have our lives taken from psychotic idiots that hunt us down for sport. We need to become the predator and make them have a taste of what pain and fear is really like! Once we finally put an end to the ISIS threat may we then take care of the other problems properly and our country will finally thrive!


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