Mysteries at the Harn Museum A tale of self discovery

Palm Tree with Sea by Hiriam Williams

Medium of the Art/ Technique of the Artist

When you first arrived at the entrance of the main gallery, a set of very bold and peculiar artworks stand out. Heavy oil paint brushstrokes, disconnected lines, bright yellow and green colors and thick paint textures governed one of the paintings that called my attention the most. At first the painting seems to have no definite shape yet, upon closer inspection you start seeing a palm tree waving in the breeze in a flat beach background. The erratic brushstrokes give the artwork a sense of fluidity and movement that characterizes the artists as a fearless and intrepid one. Having this thought in mind, the pale colors used in the painting depict another side that give off a lighter and more relaxing tone to it. Moreover, the relief created by paint drips and unblended stokes that seem to pop out of the artwork provide a connection with the viewer that can only be established when you see it in person; the way the paint seems to leap out as if it were to touch the viewers eyes make this painting a very unique and worthy one of being appreciated.

Harn Museum Garden

Design of the Museum

Part of what gives a museum its beauty is not just its artworks, but also its surroundings. The Harn museum, characterized for its green, open spaces is well adapted into the nature that encircles it. Its prominent walls and impressive glass entrance are deeply intertwined with tall, luscious palm trees, deep green bushes and colorful scattered flowers. Just like in any art exhibit, lightning is key to demonstrate the true potential in each and every painting; however, no type of artificial lightning will ever compare to the effect that natural sunlight has in nature. The garden itself contributes to the aesthetics that art seeks to achieve in a museum by giving off the same awe and inspiring effect that an artwork provokes on its viewer.

Frida Kahlo on White Bench by Nicolas Muray

Art and Core Values

Frida Kahlo, a name that calls upon thousands of different emotions, portrays her true feelings in each and every single one of her pieces. Her sitting position, her colorful garments, and the flowery patterns that surround her all tell only a part of who she truly is. The subtle smile that she displays hide just as many past feelings and emotions as there are flowers in her dress. As an individual who suffered so much during her lifetime, Frida embodies the resilience and courage that one must adopt when facing life's adversities. Moreover, her passion for the arts and her ability to use it as her main gateway of emotional expression is an inspiring fact that has deeply affected me since I first heard about her story. For that reason, every time I come across with any of her artworks, I am reminded of not only the importance of art in humanity, but also of the powerful impact that art has in both an individual and a collective group.

The Guerilla Girls Exhibit

Arts and the Good Life

The underrepresentation of women in the art industry is still a problem in our modern society. According to this exhibit, there are more female nude paintings in museums than there are paintings painted by females. This great unbalance in gender equality prompted a group of empowered women, named the Guerilla Girls, to create a special kind of art that voiced this social injustice. Their actions to perform this exhibit tie in to the theme of searching for meaning in life; when you are passionate enough about spreading awareness and resolving an issue in society, the goal to find a solution to this problem can become a major motivator in your existence. In an idealistic good life, both men and women are treated and viewed as equals in society; nevertheless, as long as this level of equality is not respected, there will always be people with enough courage to demand better treatment on behalf of themselves and of those who have no voice in our society.

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