Sports Facility Design Portfolio Assignment 2 - MR2239. Jack sims

Access, Entrance and Car Park

There are two access areas to get into the club. The first and main entrance is off St Michaels Road, which is the public highway that runs parallel with the southern border of the golf course. A large entrance with clear signs will make it easy for cars to get in and out and help to avoid any congestion on the main road. The road leading from the entrance to the clubhouse, including the car park is all bitumen as it is low cost and easy to repair. The other access point again leads off from the public highway but this time it is an off road gravel track as it is a staff entrance for the grounds staff. The entrance is wide enough to allow lorry’s to get in and out with ease; this road leads up to a maintenance complex. Both roads are 6 meters in width to allow cars to pass easily and allow access for delivery vans or lorries. The car park has 100 bays to allow for high volumes of golf and users of the range and clubhouse all at once. Each bay is 5 meters by 2.5 meters so a minimum of an acre of space was required for the car parking area alone once a one way road was factored in to loop the car park and head back to the entrance/exit.

Basic outline sketch of an entrance
Colourful eye catching entrance to the golf club
Ornamental flowers and trees for good first impressions


An area of 750 square meters was needed to build the clubhouse and a small patio area outside. The patio is south facing to ensure that it attracts the sun all day and it over looks the putting green. It is also raised to give a good view over the golf course itself. The entrance to the golf course leading in from the car park is paved with a slate paving which will look nice and give good first impression.

Clubhouse with raised patio area

Maintenance Facility

As aforementioned the maintenance facility is in a separate area of the golf course to the clubhouse and has its own access. This will reduce congestion in the car park when delivery lorries are trying to get in and out. Lorries are also unsightly and loud and best kept out of sight of the customers. There is a car park, which has 10 bays that have been designed in to the same spec as the clubhouse in relation to size. However, because of the amount of heavy machinery that will be constantly going in and out of the maintenance facility, the whole areas is based on gravel, including the access road.

Practice Areas

A putting green area which replicates the greens out on the golf course; size, undulations, grass species, construction specs and performance. This will allow golfers to ‘get a feel’ for the greens before they go out to play, or will give them a place to practice. It is located near the clubhouse and the 1st tee for these reasons, and is bordered with shrubs to make it obvious that is in fact a practice green and not part of the course. The driving range comes with the safety issue of wayward balls, and long hitters could cause balls to fly into the car park or into areas where cars or pedestrians are walking. To eliminate this risk it is important that a net should be erected all the way around the range to stop any balls from leaving the driving range area

An Example of driving range safety netting

The Golf Course

Because of the natural landscape of the site, and its soil composition (clay) it was decided that the courses design should be based on a parkland model. Ideas were pulled together from some of the best parkland holes across the world such as the par 3 12th at Augusta with its front and rear bunkers playing over a water feature, the par 4 9th on the Brabazon course at the Belfry.

155 yard short par 3 at Augusta

The par 5 18th on the West course at Wentworth is a perfect example of a heroic hole the green is reachable in two for the big hitters but it must be two perfect shots other wise they will find themselves in a bunker or in the water.

Wentworth West Course 18th

The site has 43 hectares, which is more then enough for a good standard and good length 9-hole golf course. We decided to make it a championship length 9 holes measuring at a total of 3200 meters in length off the back tees.

The golf course has 2 par 3’s (one short one long), 4 par 4’s (one short, two average and one long) and 2 par 5’s (one short and one long), all with a mix of different designs, be that strategic, penal or heroic to give a good variety of golf holes.

We start on the easiest of the two average length par 4’s as this will ease the golfers onto the course and boost their confidence on the 1st tee, rather then being scared of hitting a driver over water and losing interest when their shot doesn’t go to plan. A nice wide fairway will ease congestion on the 1st tee and as it is a par 4 it will allow one group to be on the green, another on the fairway ready to hit up and the third group getting ready to play on the tee.

New golf course design with key notes

The final hole is heavily influenced by the 18th on the west course at Wentworth as it id the hardest and longest hole, and will challenge the golfer one final time before they head into the clubhouse. It is one of two heroic holes on the course that have hazard in typical landing areas but allow for those one or two career best shots that will leave a golfer in a birdie (or even eagle) position.

mr2239 Jack Sims Golf Hole design - A par 5 reachable in two if you take on the water!

Being a clay-based course, drainage was always going to be an issue. Good drainage systems should be installed on all greens, tees and fairways which will all feed into the river brock.

Out of play areas are all left to grow long. This is s sustainable way to manage such a large site, and is also good for the environment as less diesel and man power will be used on machinery cutting these areas down, and wildlife will be allowed to flourish as these areas will be left completely natural and untouched.

An example of long eco rough areas


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