Samuel's Story By: Ty Kilgore, JJ mendez, and bo bolton



I am samuel

I have wanted to be in the military ever since my dad came back from the Pacific War in 1942 I am now 19 and I just got accepted into the war by Sergeant Dempsey.

Training is hard here but it is worth it, I told them i didn’t want to kill so they introduced me to this group call the saviors and they go around looking for jews to save, and other than that they also invade Concentration Camps and get out as many jews as possible.


How it started

I’m samuel and this is my story of how I saved 4 jews from hitler brief telling I was getting ready to get in my fighter plane I flew to the opposing side where i would find troops but instead my plane blew up when i got there that's when i found them.


A group of people

I was called to a

Group of people that save Jews

From hitler's army


The people I find

The people I will find beyond this wall

Will not crumble

and will not fall

I will not fumble

With those who will crawl

I will save those behind this wall




There they were

The frontlines

A vastly stretched line of German soldiers waiting to strike

And if they catch us they’ll put our head on a pike

I’m just trying to save the lives of a few Jews

While Hitler be over in his office like “ I’ll murder you “

I stayed strong and got past the Frontlines

With only the lives of these Jews on my mind


Friendly Fire

I stand there glancing at the vast army of German soldiers guarding the front lines

All of a sudden I hear footsteps through the mud, then BANG!

I stare at what once was a person but now a corpse

I checked the tags, relief struck as I saw the info of a German soldier

Friendly fire


A trench of hope

We continued on through the murky trenches full of corpses and bones

Then all of a sudden we saw a trench full of hope

It was a note from british troops

They saw us and offered to help us get past the frontlines

I guess you could call it the Trench of hope


The Note

We were standing next to a German camp

Out of nowhere we saw a pigeon fly over us

The pigeon dropped a piece of worn paper

It read come to the back of the camp to receive an escape plan

It was vague and very ilegible but I got the message

The message in The Note


The Fight


Stay low and don’t look back as we ran across the battlefield we ran into a group of 5 german soldiers who just fired into the opposing army one of them saw us and I grabbed his gun and slammed it into his head and he went








Until he hit his head on the barbed wire fence behind him.



The escape

We were almost there the plane in front but an army in the back

My first idea was to take off as fast as possible but I saw it was leaking oil

But it wasn’t going to spoil

The dream of being a sergeant in the war

And it won’t be goary

Because I don’t find the glory

In things like that

But i had to focus

On bringing the archilochus

And other jews

To another great pew


The Mind

Corpses lie all around

But I must stop staring at the ground

I need to get them away

But my mind can’t not sway

Away from what matters most

I need to get them away

But my mind can’t think straight

I can’t let them be bait

I need to get them away


Those People

We invaded a camp but something was wrong

One group of jews weren't moving

And the people around him looked like they have been brooding

Over what looked like their father

And is now closer to a goner

And it inspired me to make sure

That we won’t dishonor

So I gathered them up

And took them out with their dad

And tried to build-up

The spirits with stories off the victory

Against the Germans

And I told them that next battle Determines

The reinforcements from Britain


The Diary

One of the jews handed me a book on the way to camp before it all went wrong

And not even the birds song

Could make it turn around

From the area that we thought

Was a friendly camp of the allies

But really it was not

Two jews died that day

And if i may

I would trade a place with

One of jews that died

But there is something about that book

It was a diary

But not just any diary

It was Hitler's diary


The Ride

We took the risk and took the plane

With tanks and artillery behind

We need to get out of the out of here in which we are twined

We take off but are soon followed

By a small load

Of enemy soldiers that were aligned

With heavy ammo and guns

We soon couldn’t outrun

The enemy, we had to fight

There was no chance of flight

We had to fight

So I turned us around and started to fire

One by one I took them down

Till the last one came our bullets transferred

From the jets to the air and soon collided

The explosion was massive we almost

Crashed into a tree till i reactivated the host

We had demolished

The other jet, and we flew to safety


(The host was what we called the plane since it was our host)


The Arrival

We arrived after the crash

Of the plane who followed us

I kept a stash,

Of the the dog tags of my friends

It looked like the pile never ends

But in the end I brought back

The jews that made me lack,

The self confidence that I had to start

That my friends would make it through,

The war more than just the jews

But a war that defines the United States Of America as a free country

And a free country we will be

Created By
JJ Mendez


HI mom

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