Graphic Portrait Manjushara zhu

Renaissance self-portrait


I chose the second one finally.


I chose a Chinese trade painting in 19th century for my renaissance self-portrait. I like the traditional cloth of Chinese Qing Empire which the woman wears in the painting, and it's so special and pretty. About the the background of my picture, I chose a picture of Canton Tower which is one of the most famous buildings in my hometown, Guangzhou. In order to match the background picture, I add two modern elements in my picture, the iPad and the radio.



resources that I used for my picture
final result


The idea of my picture is based on protecting our earth. The gesture of the hands represent our love for our public hometown, the Earth. And I used a picture of ocean as the background. Because the most part of the earth is ocean.




10 thumbnails

3 drafts

Original Photo

Final Result



For my picture, I made myself wear a kimono and with a pair of butterfly wings on my back. From the original picture to the final result, I changed the tone of the picture, the background and the cloth that I wear. I add a little bit of Japanese elements to make myself as a Japanese psychic. While I was retouching my picture, it's hard for me to change the original cloth that I wear to a kimono. Also matching the light of the background and the light of the person, it took me lots of time to fix it. Finally I still did it, also with this project I could more skillfully use the brush tool.

Traditional Photo Portraits


While we were setting the lights, we tried to create the effect of the twilight for our photos. That's why we set the light behind the background. The tone of twilight is a kind of warm color, it could give others a gentle feeling while they are seeing the photos.

Thought there were lots of challenges while I was doing this. But I still enjoy doing it, because I could learn a lot of things from it, for example changing background, matching the light and how to use the brush tool. In the future, I will continue finding out the way to use the functions that I don't know or I seldom use in photoshop. Photoshop is a very useful and amazing application for people to create pictures.


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