Alphan Highnam The younger prince

The soft prince. The gentle prince. The quiet prince. The literate prince. The animal lover. The dancer. The poet.

Alphan is a kind boy, not yet fully a man, of tender nature and so much friendliness in his voice, it makes the heart flutter.

Born as the youngest child of late King Florentine, Alphan grew up without the pressure his older brother and sister had to deal with. Traditionally, he would give his brother Edward counsel once he became king. But he would still be free to do whatever he chooses to: long walks in the winter gardens, spending hours in the library immersed in poetry, drama and history books. Having tea with a nice noble lady now and then, making her blush and soothing her red cheeks with a gentle smile.

His reputation is flawless although some may argue that he is too gentle, too fragile. He lacks the fierceness of a warrior, the experience of war and fighting and death. He lacks the temper of his older brother and the finesse of his sister. But that is what people say. Who knows if they speak the truth?

Alphan did not take his father's death particularly well. He had so much love for the man, for the quiet acceptance that King Florentine showed towards his younger son's nature.

Behind all the soft-spoken words, the bright smiles, and carefree laughter is an endless temple of intelligence, though. Alphan is witty and attentive, he can read people. Anyone. He has this thing about justice, about truth, about honesty. Maybe that is why his favourite character in his favourite play is not the gallant prince nor the beautiful princess. It is the clever captain of the city watch who prevents the usurper from murdering the infant prince. Captain Aligoah.

The island of Frienen is small and rough and Alphan has never visited before. But the murder mystery there is intriguing and the report says that the accused witch is beautiful. Alphan cannot let the opportunity pass to become a detective, right?


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