Weekly Wrap Up December 2, 2016

Clinical Compliance Coordinator

Katie Horton started her new position as the Clinical Compliance Coordinator on Thursday, December 1. Katie originally started off with us as a part time Paramedic and a full time nurse at an ER in the Cy-Fair Area before assuming this position. Over the next month Katie will be diving into the clinical and compliance side of Galveston Area Ambulance Authority.

Stacey will still be doing quality assurance which will allow Katie more time to conduct focused reviews, identify emerging trends, ensure GAAA is complaint with all regulations, and work towards advancing our clinical care.

  • Office Phone - (409) 938-4042
  • Work Cell - (409) 599-4204
  • Email - khorton@gchd.org

Remount Update

The progress on the remount and conversion of 1485 from a Type III to a Type I is continuing. The patient module now has paint and the reassembly of the interior is in progress.

Welcome to GAAA

Everyone please join me in welcoming several new crew members to our agency. One has already started her ride outs and the others will be starting soon.

  • Jasmin Wiley - Paramedic
  • Joe Curry - Paramedic
  • Alyssa Wilson - Paramedic
  • Corby Saunders - Paramedic
  • Brian Dandridge - Paramedic
  • Kaleb Howard - EMT-Basic

In addition to these new crew members we have three more currently going through the hiring process and should enter orientation in January. 

ESO Disposition Additions

A few new disposition choices have been added to ESO thanks to the feedback provided by you. The option to document a disposition related to transporting flight and surgical teams without a patient present is now an option. The disposition Transport Non-Patient, Organs, etc.. is now available.

This will allow for easier documentation of patient the flight crew on the return trip when there is no patient as well as the surgical team that is looking to harvest organs. Previously it was required to document a patient even though there was no patient physically in the ambulance.

The other two dispositions now available are Patient Dead on Scene - No Resuscitation Attempted (With Transport) and Patient Dead on Scene - No Resuscitation Attempted (Without Transport). These should now grant the ability to document a patient that was worked and pronounced dead.

If you have other suggestions for ESO please keep sending them. The working relationship between GAAA and ESO continues to be strong and they listen to our suggestions. In addition the frustration that was felt from the sudden updates to the system were passed onto the Vice President over the EHR product and were echoed by many other agencies. 

Health Data Exchange

For those of you who have been here awhile you are probably familiar with this feature, however if you are new or have ever wondered why we require the medical record number to be entered into ESO it is because of something called the Health Data Exchange or HDE. This is a feature that allows for the EMS record to be matched up to the hospital record.

If you have never checked out the patient outcomes button it is a nice feature that will provide a host of information about patients that were transported to a facility that participates in two way communication. Currently HCA Clear Lake Regional Medical Center and Mainland Medical Center are two hospitals that share this information. UTMB receives information from us, however at this time does not send us any information. 

Inside a patient outcome report is diagnosis information, major interventions performed by the hospital and lab information. Towards the very bottom is patient demographic information (including insurance information) which our billing provider (EMS M|C) can use to follow up on those unresponsive patients or those which cannot provide any information.

Several agencies that transport to UTMB have recently reached out to ESO to request this interface in addition to our own request. Over the next couple of months a collective effort to push for this interface. As work begins on this updates will be provided to everyone.

Weekly Code Report

There were a total of two codes since the last Weekly Wrap Up. The first one was worked by Medic 5 and was a 4 month old female with Jeremy Williams and Brandon Beck as the crew. They arrived on scene to find a Hitchcock police officer performing CPR. No pulse was ever regained on the patient despite securing an airway, establishing an IO and providing medications. Pediatric codes are never easy, but both Jeremy and Brandon did an exceptional job at running this code.

Our next code was a 53 year old male that was a traumatic arrest that was worked by Medic 3 with a crew of Jennifer Bach and Nathan Zecco. The patient appeared to be an unrestrained driver that struck a pole which also resulted in in bilateral leg fractures according to the report. A definitive airway, IO access and medications were given with no success in obtained ROSC.

New Schedule Released

Yesterday the Spring Schedule was released and Lora has completed getting the new schedule entered into When To Work. For those of you who are needing to schedule vacation please be sure to double check the days off you requested do not need adjusting.

As Mark mentioned in his email the hiring process is ongoing and we are conducting interviews as quickly as we can on the candidates that meet the qualifications. Those who are determined to be a good fit are being passed onto our Human Resources Department to process. We are still targeting to start operating Medic 7 in January 2017.

Heavy Rain This Weekend

Just a heads up for everyone to expect heavy rain starting this evening and lasting through Monday morning. This will come in waves so ranging from light rain to strong thunderstorms with some coastal flooding. Please remember that regardless of how high the hood may be (especially on the new Type I units) the intake on the generator is actually a lot lower. Please use caution when entering areas in which the water is over the curb to prevent damage to the generator from occurring. 

Open Shifts This Weekend

Currently we have two positions open for the Holiday Half Marathon at Moody Gardens which is from 0700 to 1330. If you are available to help out that would be greatly appreciated.

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