END OF RELIGION. Beginning of new creation life

As valuable as the work of churches and missions has been Jesus never intended that his unlimited life to be contained in these forms. Jesus' resurrection initiated the new creation.

The church does not exist to multiply institutionalism and religion. The church Jesus is building is the expression of Jesus as people, the manifestation of the Christ of God as the people of God and the trinity revealed by the Spirit in the sons and daughters of God. We are talking incarnation. Not the multiplication of religion and the quenching of the direct manifestation of God as the people of God in rites and routines. The church of God when it is the Kingdom of God is we and our Father are one. The church that is religion incarnated as us is the church of old covenant Adam. The church that is Jesus incarnated as us all is the new covenant church of the Firstborn.

The manifestation of Jesus is Greg and Sandra and Bill, George, Syd, Neville and Mavis. And Marg and sam and Meg and David.

Incarnation and the power of Holy Spirit will multiply new creation life and transformation. Religion and institutionalism restricts and contains and annuls spirit and life. The letter kills. The Spirit of Christ acting as the Spirit of Sonship in us all multiplies His Kingdom of life everywhere

Your glory in god is to multiply his life as you!
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