My life in sketches. Natalia Galiana Torres

March 10th

Last class period we started sketching our designs for the pop art book, I find this project really interesting and challenging, however, I will put all my effort into it and hope for the best, I'm gonna be doing my design inspired by Andy Warhol and basing it in the story of my life. For example: I've done the Spanish flag because I'm an exchange student from Spain and after talking with Ms.McCall, she gave me an idea so my design could be more interesting and I feel as if I have patience, it's gonna be really cool. Other of my designs is the symbol of the euro because in Spain we use euros instead of dollars and she also gave me an idea to make it better combining a bunch of euros' symbols together and making them reversed and it's really exciting and for the last design that she chose I'm gonna combine two of my designs of eyes because I'm really observative and I'm gonna do different different eyes positions ans colors. The designs that I'm not gonna do I'm happy that I'm not gonna do the because I didn't like them as much or were way to hard to make them successfully on a big sketch. Now I'm on the process of doing the big Spanish flag design.

This is the Spanish flag in which my book cover will be based.
this is first round of sketches.
This is the euro symbol, the money symbol for Spain (Most of Europe)

March 14th.

This class I'm going to finish the design for my Spanish flags and I'll hopefully start with the next design.

The eyes that I've designed, I've designed them because I'm really observational and I put a lot of attention into theater and the activities that I love.

March 20th

I will transfer my design carefully and thinking of a good way to adapt it to the shape and the material. I will evaluate if the colors that I used last time are right, but I will try to paint with color pencils instead of color pens. I'll also try to correct the mistakes that I made and obviously I'l color all of the design instead of just doing stripes.

March 22

Last class I finished my book cover's design and this class I'm gonna be finishing it, painting it. I'll try to paint as best as possible and also as fast as possible so I can finish my book cover on time.

March 24

Last class I tried to finish my cover book and I kind of did, I only need to make it better and fill some of the white spots that i left because I tried to do it really quickly, this class I'll be finishing it for good, I used color pencils and water color pencils.

March 28

Last class I finished my project and it actually was shorter than I though it would be, it didn't take me a lot of time, which is not usual with me. This class I think I'm starting other project and I'm really excited.


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