Why You Should Get Married By Quinn Murry

The U.K. National office of statistics found that being married is 20 times more important to a persons happiness than their earnings and 13 times more important than owning a home. If this is true, then marriage is a key source of happiness in a persons life. They say money can't buy you happiness but marriage seems to be the way to do it. If you marry the right person, you should be happy for most of the rest of your life. Granted you will have arguments and bad days, this person should still be your key source of happiness and love. http://3wz.com/the-secret-to-a-happy-marriage-chore-switching/
Another benefit to marriage is living longer. Men generally live an extra 7 years when they are married and women live an extra 3. This is basically the opposite of smoking. Not only do you have a lifelong friend a partner but you can live longer and enjoy life more than what you would alone. Even when you're old and frail, life is better with somebody you love. http://www.theunitycenter.net/weddingsmemorials/
You can also earn more money being married. Married men can make up to 40 percent more money than single men. You also have help managing money so you can generally save better and accumulate your money to surpass whatever you'd have otherwise. Money isn't the most important thing, but a larger income makes for a better life and an easier life. It also positively benefits your children because they can live without financial worry. https://voltaireweddings.wordpress.com/2015/08/17/7-tips-for-planning-a-marvellous-beach-wedding/
When you get married, you have a friend for life. If you marry the right person, you get a lifelong friend that you love and know very well. This gives you someone to discuss problems with, to love unconditionally, to do things for, to spend time with. This makes you happier, less lonely, and more active. Most people enjoy doing things for others and in a marriage it can work both ways. You are rewarded and get to serve somebody you love. http://stjerometulsa.org/about/marriage-and-weddings/
Your children are more likely to be happy and live better lives if you are still married. Divorce can emotionally affect kids in the wrong way. It can cause addiction among other things in a child's life that are negative. If you are married with kids then you have support all around and these kids have a chance to succeed when they wouldn't otherwise get to. http://www.vogue.com/slideshow/best-winter-weddings-inspiration

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