The US Carp Epidemic By RIley

Lakes all over the U.S are being invaded by rapidly producing fish. Who are these mysterious invaders? Carp. Having been introduced to the U.S over 100 years ago carp caused many fishermen to lose their profit every year. How did these invaders first get to the U.S? What other problems do they cause? And, how can we fix this carp epidemic? Read on and find out more about these mysterious fish.

Carp arrived in the U.S in the year 1877 from Europe and Asia. many people considered these fish to be a “miracle” because they would provide lots of easy-to-catch inexpensive food. Soon, many states wanted to have a carp population of their own. These Asian minnows grew less popular as they spread throughout the United States. Carp were swimming up and down rivers and their eggs were being transported on birds feet. Soon people grew to despise these invasive, Overpopulating fish.

Carp, once thought to be a miracle fish are now despised and rejected for many reasons. Carp murky water when they stir up dirt and mud by pulling up the roots of aquatic plants. This creates a condition in which it is hard for native fish to survive. When invasive species come to a lake a lake with native species the native organisms don’t have a way developed to defend against the invasive organisms so, the old or native organisms will be wiped out. Carp can also disrupt thriving ecosystems and food chains. Let's say that carp come to Lake Michigan and start to eat the salmon eggs. This will result in a lower population of salmon causing commercial fishermen to catch less fish. Now that less fish are being caught there isn’t enough food to feed people which leads to starvation and eventually death. See, it all relates back to carp.

People have many ideas on how to fix the carp epidemic. One solution is seining , the process of moving a huge net through the water and scooping up fish. Though seining can scoop up and kill native species as well as carp.

Poisoning, another solution, kills every single fish in a body of water and contaminates the lake so that isn’t a good solution. It seems like the best solution is fishing the carp out of lakes one by one, this could take a while but, carp fishing is growing more popular in the U.S every year. If we do this slowly these Asian minnows will start to disappear.

Carp can be truly nasty fish, even though when they arrived in the U.S people had an entirely different opinion. Now they cause many problems but like most problems there are solutions to the carp epidemic. You can help fix the problem by donating money get rid of carp or grabbing a fishing rod and catching them at your local lake. We need to keep our country’s water clean. Help fix the carp problem now!!

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