A Tale of Two Cities By Charles dickens

Rising Action : The rising action is when the Evremonde's intentionally killed Madame Defarge's family and when Charles Darnay goes to Paris to save Gabelle but gets arrested for coming back and accused of being an aristocrat emigrant. Another rising action is when Charles Darnay gets arrested for the third time for his family's wrongdoings.
Resolution : Sydney Carton, who appears to look identical to Darnay, takes Darnay's place in prison and was beheaded by the guillotine. Charles Darnay and the Manette's moved to Paris and had another child whose name was Sydney Carton, in honor of Carton. The child grew up and lived a great life, a life that Carton should of had lived from the beginning.
Climax : The climax of this book is when Charles Darnay, the protagonist, is imprisoned again for the third time. He is captured once more just after two hours of his release. The reason for his imprisonment was because his Uncle and Father (Evremonde) had done wrong to a peasant family also known as Madame Defarge's family.
Falling Action : The falling action is when Doctor Manette's letter was found in his cell, and used against Darnay during his last trial. After the confirmation of the letter, he was immediately scheduled for the guillotine the next day.
Conflicts : •Lucie wanted to find her lost father, Doctor Manette so then she travelled to Paris with Mr. Lorry to find him. •Doctor Manette had no memory except for some certain events and people such as his wife and the memory of the peasant family’s story. •There was a wine spilled in Saint Antoine that caused a lot of conflicts with crowds fighting to sip on the wine on the floor. •Charles Darnay was in court because he was accused for trading French’s informations to the English. •Lucie is married to Charles but Carton is also in love with her.
Motifs : •Family •Sacrifices •Resurrection •Love •Vengeance •Revenge •Imprisonment
Exposition : The exposition was when Mr. Lorry was on his way to London from France to Tellson's Bank. Two other passengers and he was on the horse, Jerry Cruncher was chasing after him Settings: England- London, Soho France- Paris, Saint Antoine
Characters : Main Protagonist: Charles Darnay Main Antagonist: Madame Defarge Jerry Cruncher: He digs dead bodies for money. Young Jerry (Jeremiah): He is curious about his father’s “business ventures” and he followed him out this one night. Mrs. Cruncher: Her head was banged on the table by her husband because he thought that she was following him. Roger Cly: He was a spy that faked his death. Monsieur Defarge: He is the husband of Madame Defarge and he was once a servant of Doctor Manette. Madame Defarge: She is super obsessed with knitting, she took revenge for her family. Jacques: Also the mender of the road, saw a man under the Marquis’ carriage. Miss Manette: She married Charles and she is the daughter of Doctor Manette. Mr. Lorry: Became a good friend of Miss Pross, he was coming back to check on Dr Manette later on the night. He is a great friend of the Manette. Charles Darnay: He married Lucie and he is part of the Evrémonde. Miss Pross: Became a good friend of Mr. Lorry, she was the one who took care of a Lucie since she was little.. Doctor Manette: He is the father of Lucie and he was imprisoned in the Bastille for eighteen years. He is also a witness of the tragic of Madame Defarge’s family. Barsad: His real name is Solomon, he is Miss Pross’s brother The Vengeance: Madame Defarge’s friend

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