Penguins Brianna & Kade

Penguins normally immigrate when the weather in the north becomes too severe and blizzards are jeopardizing the eggs and cause extreme climate drop that limits their resources. They move to other penguin communities and share living space until the storms die off.

Penguins Immigrating

Penguins tend to emigrate if they are kicked out of their community and/or aren't providing enough for their community so they leave and live elsewhere and have to provide for themselves. 

Birth rates increase when the moms leave the fathers with the eggs and go off to find resources (fish) to eat and then come back to find their mates and their babies hatched and ready to feed. If resources weren't available to the mothers, birth rates would drop due to the lack of resources the mother was able to supply.

Male Penguins & their children

Death rates decrease the populations growth because not allow baby eggs make it through immigration when the males try and pass the harsh blizzard storms. Also, if the females can't find any fish to catch for their families than the younger penguins life expectancy can drop if they aren't exposed to the resources they need to survive.

Penguins eating fish

The penguin population increases because they are exposed to the resources that they need which increases the birth rates. Gradually over time they are able to keep up their exponential growth and reproduce offspring. But blizzard storms can effect reproduction because it can reduce resources. This puts a stop to extreme reproduction and birth rates drop and the only penguins surviving are the one that the environment can provide for which puts them in carrying capacity.

Penguins face factors such as competition and parasitism by always being near each other and constantly staying within their community group. They face competition when fighting for fish and areas in the north where environment conditions aren't as harsh. 

Penguins also face other factors such as the ice age which is gradually melting the ice and hurting the way they live everyday. The people that also fish in that area may be taking their resources away and limiting them to little or no fish. 

Ice Age


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