What is Art? Harn museum

Art 1

When you first walk in your eye go straight to this huge 3D abstract art. You sit there admiring the different pieces for a while.

Art 2

This picture actually made me feel a little lonely, it kind of looks like he is trying to shield himself from the others surrounded by him.

Art 3

This was actually my first time seeing a painting of her in person but, you can truly appreciate her beauty regardless of her facial hair.

Art 4

What i really appreciate about this painting is the amount of detail it has and also the artist had to go through to make it such a great piece.

Art 5

I was shocked when i first saw this, i thought to myself "why would they show this" but then i read and learned that Koreans use this sign to symbolize peace and goodness and still to this day it is being used.

Art 6

This is called a Bodhisattva a saint a savor. I took a picture of this because i am very open minded when it comes to other religions. I found it very comforting to be able to physically see something others see as their Saint.

Now try and explain... What is Art?


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