A Profolio Kate Stannard

Pixel Art Work


Original music by Kate Stannard in the video game!


Int. Bedroom -Early morning

Stolen road signs, pictures, super hero posters, and sketchings cover the walls.

A phone dinged loudly, it’s the only light source in the dark room.

Carter is still sleeping.

She shoots up, gasping for air, and breathing heavily from a bad dream.

Carter has a brown pixie cut and green eyes.

She is very slender


(Whispers to self)

What time is it?

She looks around the dark room and sees her phone is light up.

She picks up her phone

The glow shines bright in her eyes.

She squints to see her phone

It was a text.


(Text message)

I know today is going to be a hard day for you

since it’s the one year day of your friend’s death.

I wish you the best of luck and I’m sorry for your loss

Looking down she remembered her dream.


(Whispers with a heavy heart)


Int. Boy’s Bedroom -night

The walls are gray and the room is dim.

A boy stands on a wooden chair in the closet.

Brown hair and blue eyes.

A belt is around his neck and tied to the top of the closet.



Don’t let me go Carter

I don’t want to go.

Why are you doing this to me?


(reaching out)


I don’t want you to go.

Please don’t!

The boy kicks the chair over and he hangs in the closet.

Int. Caters bedroom

Carter gets up and carefully walks around the edge of the room.

She runs her hand along the wall to find the light switch.

Slowly the room turns from dark to a light glow, to full brightness.

Carter slides down the wall and sits down.

Carter begins to cry.



Don’t cry Skittle Buddy.

I was just a dream.

I would never leave you.

Carter looks up.

A faded vision of Anthony stand in front of her

He places his hand on Carter’s shoulder lovingly.

Anthony fades away.



Don’t leave again.

You just got here!

I miss you.

Carter stand up


Please come back.

Show me where you are.

(Speaks louder)

I know you’re there.

I know you can hear me.

A little 4 year old girl with long black hair stand by Caters bed




You died a while ago and you never visited me.


I know where your friend is.

(Grabes Carter’s hand and leads her outside)

Ext. Neighborhood street -Early morning

The street lights were just turning off as the sun began to rise.

Meria lead Cater to a chapel down the road.

A boy stands in the parking lot next to a street light.

He was faded and it was as if the light was going right through him.

He’s short and has dirty blond hair.

He’s wearing a blue flannel and gray glasses.

His name is Tyler



Hi Carter.

Long time no see.

Thank you Maria.

(Nods at Meria)

I need your help Carter.

You’re the only who can see me.

If you help me, I’ll owe you one


Okay, I’ll help.

I’m looking for Anthony. Have you seen him?


Yes, I have but the thing is I can’t leave the church grounds.

In the church is my ashes.Can you put some of them into this necklace

for me?

(Hands silver vile on a chain to Carter)

I have to hold something of mine to move freely.

And I can finally leave the church grounds.

Then I’ll help you find Anthony.



Carter walks into church.

Int. Large room with rows of benches lined up facing the podium. Paintings of Jesus hand on the walls. A statue sits in the front, just behind the podium.

((Player takes control))

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