Anti-Drugs By: Francesca Langs, Linda Todesco, Jasmine Amedei Y8B

say no to drugs

Nowadays, more than 208 million people in the World, about 1 on 25, make use of drugs to escape from problems that are hard to face. Others just want to follow their friends and try something new and stimulating. But they don’t know what their are going to meet.

why do people decide to use drugs?

People uses drugs for many reasons, for example to escape from real life or to hide problems. Drugs provide a rush of pleasure that temporally quits the suffering caused usually by one of the following: trauma or abuse, mental illness, low self-esteem, poverty, relationship problems, loss of a loved one, stress, chronic pain or medical conditions.

"Just be yourself, you are wonderful"

HOw does addiction develop?

Drug addiction is a chronic brain disease that causes a compulsive drug seeking and use despite the harmful consequences. Even though the initial decision to assume these substances is voluntary, over time the changes in the brain caused by drugs can impair a person’s self-control and capacity to make decisions and create an intense impulse to take drugs. It is for this reason very difficult for a person to stop people from eliminating these harmful substances from their lives.

what are the effects of drugs?

Many deaths, illnesses and disabilities are caused by drug abuse. Different drugs have different damaging effects on the organism. These are some common conditions substance abuse can cause: damaged immune system, cardiovascular conditions, including heart attacks and collapsed veins, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, liver overexertion or failure, seizures or strokes and brain damage.

In addition, drug abuse can have many damaging consequences on an addict's social and emotional life. For example, loss of employment and relationships, financial trouble and homelessness.


We have to stop this.

People need to understand that drugs are not a solution. These substances won’t help you solve the problems that are hard to face. They will only make the situation worse. Drugs won’t make you feel happier and part of your group of friends. Believe us, life can take you higher than cocaine. We are the masters of our own seas. We have to find the strength to face our complications and never recur to an alternative that seems easier. We have the power to solve this issue and we shall not stop until our work is done.

So, be smart. Don't start.

How can you help?

Join our community and help us stop people from using these substances.

Trend the #antidrugs hashtag on Twitter to show the World the importance of this issue!

Follow us on our Twitter account:

Be careful to how the people around you act and help them face their problems. Prevent the people you care about from falling into this unstoppable cycle and teach them that drugs may kill the pain but they also destroy the joy, the hope, the body, the brain, and finally the soul.


But what have WE done to fight for our cause? What have WE done in order to spread the word?


We twitted. Nowadays, twitter is one of the most used Social Media so we created 10 effective tweets to show the World what we think and raise awareness.


We created a graffiti where we wrote a simple phrase "Be smart, don't start" in order to give and immediate and important message to people. We then represented some of the effects of drug abuse and we wrote our two most used hashtags.


We created a simple brochure that gives all the information of our project and will help us gain more supporters and raise awareness.


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